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Jan 10, 2010 04:31 PM

'Meigas Restaurant'...Norwalk, CT

Our first meal as a couple in the New Year was an overdue visit to 'Meigas' in Norwalk last week. Many will recall the days(while revealing their age!) of the original 'Mesón Galicia' which would eventually become 'Meigas' as well as the connection to Ignacio Blanco and Luis Bollo who would also later bring us 'Café Pika Tapas' which then became 'Ibiza'. How much more spoiled can our state be with the dining options of 'Meigas', 'Barcelona', 'Ibiza', and 'Ibiza Tapas'? I'm thankful for the choices but it was time to experience the new 'Meigas' which is certainly making a noticeable effort to provide several dining options and more of an accessibility that wasn't present before new owner Carlos Hernandez. The Monday to Wednesday Pre-Fixe menu($24 for an appetizer, main, and dessert tasting) tempted and will have to wait for next time but a Tapas Tasting Menu($64 a couple) on Sundays and Thursdays along with offering all Spanish wines by the bottle(that are under $100) for half-price on these same two nights sealed the deal. Tuck me in already...the wine opportunity alone got me emotional before the first flippin' glass.

During the messy driving-unfriendly weather that Sunday night(with a bitch of a wind to make a little bit of snow quite the hassle) I swept up my co-pilot to get reacquainted with this restaurant I somehow hadn't made it back to since the changes. After a ride where we tacked on considerably more time than my poor passenger anticipated(you can always just stop reading but she's forced to listen when stuck in a moving automobile).. :) ..we arrived to a fresher looking space than I remember from visits in the past. No wine by the glass tonight baby. Since we're both loving the Verdejo grape these days we chose an 'Oro de Castilla' Rueda for her and after having my heart broken by not being able to get my first choice(a 'Isaral' Priorat), I settled on a 'Valserrano' Rioja Reserva. Both were good for the tasting to follow.

Crusty bread and olive oil were brought to the table before demitasses of soup to get us started. An "amuse-bouche" if you will? I'm forced to contain my need for senseless juvenile humor whenever I say those words...ah, I'll grow up someday I suppose. The Tapas Tasting came in three courses, each one containing three different tasting-portions. We were each served our own elongated narrow plate that had three separated sections for the items and as each course arrived our server explained what was plated from left to right. Throughout the tasting we still referred back to a copy of the menu as I needed to anyway because my already fading short-term memory is compromised when in such a Chow-happy state :) . This was followed by a dessert course which also consisted of three different tasting-portions. In all that made for a total of twelve individual tastes so we were obviously quite pleased to have tried a mix of chef's whim, specials, and items off their regular menu in one sitting. Owner Carlos couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating throughout the entire meal as we took our time with both food and wine(we were also offered a taste of one of their 'Port' selections and their 'Moscatel'- a nice gesture). We'll no doubt return in due time to this, HIS 'Meigas'.

~Wild Salmon 'Escabeche' marinated with Sesame Oil, Tomato, Olives, Scallions, Crabmeat, Olive Oil "Ice Cream", and Caviar
~Black Angus Beef Tartare "de Ternera" with Capers, Baby Arugula Salad, and Truffle Vinaigrette
~Crispy Mushroom Ravioli "de Zetas" with Serrano Ham Sauce

~Grilled Baby Squid "a la Plancha" with Peppers and Mango Vinaigrette
~Seafood Croquettes "de la Abuela" with Aioli
~Grilled Wild Salmon in a mild Cinammon Sauce

~Roasted Suckling Pig "a la Segoviana" with Apricot Puree and Sherry-Honey Sauce(the crispiest skin imaginable.."What a noble animal" as Bourdain says)
~Wood Roasted Piquillo Pepper "de Rabo" stuffed with Braised Oxtail and Red Wine Sauce
~'Costilla al Fuego' Braised Short Ribs in a Ginger-Infused Soy and Dark Beer Sauce

Dessert tasting:
~'Arroz con Leche' Rice Pudding with Vanilla Infusion
~'Pastel de Pan Viejo' Old Style Bread Pudding Cake with Goat Cheese Ice Cream
~Toasted and chopped almond covered Chocolate Croquettes(with warmed dark chocolate inside) served with coconut foam and a square of lemon gelatin on a spoon

~ Here's their site, check out all the menus:

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10 Wall St, Norwalk, CT 06850

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  1. Great review. I've had both of the wines mentioned and they were quite enjoyable. Looking over your menu selections and it sounds like a pick and choose off of both Ibiza and Ibiza Tapas menu, especially the desserts with the toasted chocolate balls. I've had that one too many times, but i still never get tired of them. The roasted suckling pig is to die for!

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    1. re: triggs73

      Hey 'triggs'~ No doubt about the 'Ibiza' and 'Ibiza Tapas'-like elements that's one "marriage" I can subscribe to :) . The menus we saw and the food we enjoyed were certainly interesting enough that 'Meigas' belongs in the conversation with the others and we'll look forward to returning again in due time. It's almost unfair when I tend to compare them "against" each other but they all have their place(with that said I'm thrilled the best in New Haven and Hamden are nearby this Hound). The wine deal in Norwalk was nice but mark-ups were healthy(as they are elsewhere) so I appreciated the opportunity to have their food with discounted wine.

      Perhaps this belongs in the 'Ibiza Tapas' thread but I'm reminded of their own wine prices being a nice gesture for offering in that setting(Ondarre Reserva for $25 less than another restaurant's list? Whew). Again, to compare a tapas-centered restaurant versus a full-scale establishment such as one in Fairfield County that extends different dining options isn't fair(and 'Meigas' does indeed do it all quite well).

      For 'Meigas' to incorporate that Tapas Tasting Menu, the Pre-Fixe offering, and (even like 'Ibiza')Paella nights- this seems worthy of attention in itself. Gotta love them all though...if only there were more meals in the day and unlimited reservations on my slate.

      1. re: noreservations

        and an unlimited ATM! It's a win win situation all around!