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Jan 10, 2010 04:27 PM

Tea strainer

I got a chinese tea set as a gift but the teapot doesn't have a strainer inside. Where can I get a fine sieve/metal mesh strainer for tea leaves that will fit the opening? Are they standard sizes or not? Can I be accomodated by mass retail stores or will I need to go to specialty shops?

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  1. In general, Chinese at home don't use tea strainers as they just refill the tea pot from time to time with hot water and they don't use too much tea leaves unlike the Chinese restaurants. I've used those tea leaf compartment things from tea bodums and tea balls on a chain in the tea pots, but in general I don't when making green tea and I usually only use about a teaspoon of green tea.

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      Yes, but I don't particularly care for bits of tea leaves floating in my cup.

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        I also have a small sieve that I use to pour tea through that can be kept on a saucer by the teapot, if you don't manage to find a canister style tea holder that will fit the opening of the tea pot.

    2. How small is the opening on top. You may be able to bend a strainer like this ( out of shape.

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        About 5-6 cm. I have one of those but that would just fall into the teapot. I have seen some that are tumbler size and sit right on the teapot's mouth.

      2. Camellia Sinensis carries a few types of sieves (some in metal, and some in fabric).
        I have also seen some at La D├ępense, at JTM.
        I am not sure about a standard size, but some were smaller then others.

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        1. I went to Marche Hawai and found the said strainer but they were sold as a set with the teapot and I notices the sizes were different. I will try Kim Phat since I think they have a bigger supply of kitchen accesories and supplies. Is there any store in Chinatown that would carry more of this type of stuff? I remember a while ago somebody mentionned a chinese tea shop near chinatown...

          1. You can always try david's tea, the have a shop in the Carrefour Laval,