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Jan 10, 2010 04:13 PM

DC dinner near Shakespeare Theatre

Hello! My parents and I are going to the Shakespeare Theatre (450 7th St. NW) on Friday for an 8pm show. We are coming from Baltimore and would like to have a pre-show meal. While my mom and I are game for all good food, my stepdad is more of a meat and potatoes guy. Although he will eat Greek food. He also loves Italian. He's not into small plates, however. I would love any recommendations you have that would fall into the following categories:
- Walking distance to the theatre (also, we're parking at 9th & D NW)
- $50 or less per person
- Takes reservations or easy to get a table around 6:00
- Nothing too eclectic given my stepfather's non-adventurous nature


Baltimore Hound

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  1. I'd suggest Tosca's pre-theater menu. It's very good Italian (but not Italian-American), $35 pp, around 11th and F I think.

    1. I would check out Poste--they have a menu with lots of meat and potato options, beef bourginon (beef stew), braised lamb, and steaks. I believe they also have a Pre-Theater menu, which would probably provide a cheaper price tag.

      1. You might also try Bistro d'Oc (518 10th St.). Your stepdad could have the hanger steak, and you could be more daring and try the cassoulet or confit (or even more daring, the braised tripe). They do have a pre-theater menu, but the regular menu would fit into your price range easily too. Be sure to have the frites, they are wonderful.

        I also agree with Tosca, but is is much more formal. Another good choice would be Central Michael Richard ( 1001 Pennsylvania Ave.) which is within a few blocks of where you are parking.

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          Bistro D'Oc is another good recommendation. Central is also good but can be a little loud...not sure if that bothers you or not.

        2. The Caucus Room (at 9th and D) may be a perfect spot for your family. I believe they introduced a 3-course for around $35. Take a look online and see if it qualifies.

          1. Thank you all for the great recommendations so far!