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Jan 10, 2010 04:12 PM

Donuts...Doughnuts...Where art Thou in Monmouth County?

Every year down the shore on vacation Im able to find a donut shack that has nice warm donuts still warm. Are there any such things in Monmouth County? Please don't insult me by talking about any of the "chains"! Or if anyone has any favorites in the Garden State.

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  1. If you like jelly donuts try Mueller's in Bay Head. They are the best we have found. Believe it or not for a glazed or sugar raised the A&P in Wall Township on Rt 35 are hard to beat.

    1. It's in Ocean County but Obco's on Fischer Blvd., Toms River sounds like what you are looking for. Hoffmans in Point Pleasant closed a few years ago. I have gotten good ones from Frank's in Asbury Park but it is a very limited selection.

      1. Freedman's in Belmar. You'll have to get there very early for them to be warm.

        Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck has homemade apple cider doughnuts, again probably not warm but fresh!

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          What's for Dessert on 71 in Belmar has doughnuts. I've never had them, because I can't resist their coffee cake! esp the blueberry. yum.

        2. Warmth will depend on when you get there - but I love the donuts at Frank's in Asbury.

          1. I remember Hoffmans in Point Pleasant...ashame to hear they closed. Scary but true..many of the supermarkets offer fresh donuts..but Im sure they come in frozen or ready to bake. If anyone is ever in the Hampton's there is very small chain called Dreesen's. They are the old fashioned crueller like donuts..always warm and with a choice of sugar, cinnamon type. Great moist inside, crispy outside.