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Sawa in Eatontown

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Happy New Years Chowers. We are considering a party of 10 at SAWA in Eatontown. Can I get some chow feedback? Best Dishes...etc?

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  1. All of their sushi and rolls are excellent. I love the barbecued squid appetizer.

    I've never had a bad experience with any item I've had at the Eatontown location.

    With 10 people, you can't go wrong by being experimental and sharing.

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      Aaah, I love Sawa. My hubby and I go for lunch and get the bento boxes. We've never had anything that wasn't delicious.

    2. Ive heard god things anout this place too..Question: Is there anything good there for the non sushi(fish) type person?

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        They have quite a few habachi tables as well.

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            Yes, plenty of chicken and veggie options!