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Looking for a good Carne Asada Burrito

I'm looking for a restaurant that serves *authentic Carne Asada burritos (not carne guisido or fajita beef) with NO beans or rice. Tres rolles on the side would be a bonus. *Authentic Carne Asada Burritos = 13 inch tortilla, "marinated beef carne style, guacamole, and fresh pico. Can anyone help me.. I'm missing Roberto's.....

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  1. Chipotle Grill.

    (I should disclose that I own stock, but only because I like it so much.)

    1. "I'm missing Roberto's....."

      Sounds like you are from San Diego. Well, I'm missing Perry's (closed due to fire)..Nothing wrong with Magnolia,Kirby Lane or Austin cafe but they just don't compare. Gimme a combination frittata and I am useless for the rest of the day :-)

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        You got it right.. I'm a native San Diegan that grew up eating Roberto's, Alberto's, Albereto's food. Nothing better than 3 rolled tacos w/guac, and carne asada burrito for 5 dollars.., at midnight. If your from SD you know what I mean.

        I will try Magnolia Cafe.. I heard they make homemade torillas. Thanks to all for the feedback!

      2. The best placebo I've found in Austin is the fajita de res burrito at Taqueria Chapala Jalisco on E Cesar Chavez. It does have lettuce and includes avocado instead of guacamole, so it's not perfect - but it does the job when I run out of frozen Roberto's burritos I brought back.

        1. I might try the stand El Primo on S. 1st. Not sure if they have guac, though they probably do, but they definitely have delicious carne asada, and they definitely have carne asada in burrito form. It's found in the parking lot across from Polvo's by Once Over.

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            I dont think you will be sorry with fuegos...authentic Mexican and Californian http://www.fuegosauthentic.com/ourmen...

            They have the best fish tacos! Out of site! We have had the jumbo burrito with al pastor (so good) but they have carne asada as well. It's definitely a must try! Hubbers and I have never had a bad meal here!

          2. There is no such thing as an "authentic burrito" in south Texas. Those live to the west.

            1. Check out super burrito...http://www.ilovesuperburrito.com/.

              The "Texas" burrito is a California burrito...carne asada, potatoes, guacamole, etc.

              Also, I haven't been to Aranda's in a few months, so I don't know if they're on the menu here, but I stopped at the one on the Katy Freeway going to Houston and the menu was expanded with a few new items including a Super Burrito California. The waitress literally laughed at me when I ordered it by myself. It was gigantic and it was the best burrito I've had since the last time I went to San Diego.

              1. Fuego's at 7600 n lamar has the best carne asada burrito, the owners are from southern california and have the right seasoning and meat cuts that I am accustomed to. The meat has a succulent taste and texture and the burrito is huge and filled with beans and rice and guacamole and tomatoes. the kitchen/restaurant is kept very clean and the meat is made cooked to order. Very close in taste to taqueria cancun in berkeley
                and taqueria vallarta in santa cruz if your from norcal you know what I mean..

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                  And, unfortunately, they are closing soon, aren't they? Get your fix while you can.

                2. Thank you all for the advice. Perhaps the only way to get an authentic Carne Asada Burrito in Austn, is to open a Roberto's in Austin. Talking to the owners soon...!

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                    I too am from San Diego and moved here about a year and half ago. I love Austin, but when I first moved here I was really disappointed with the Mexican food! It's like they don't know what a burrito is supposed to be. I've never tried Fuegos, I guess I better get there soon. I've often thought about opening up a burrito trailer or something if I lose my job. Hope you persuaded Roberto's to open up out here!
                    (In SD love Roberto's, El Portal, Lucha Libre, El Indio, Hector's in Point Loma for the best fish tacos, Los Palomitos, Cotixan and Taco Motion in PB for $1 fish tacos.)
                    Oh yeah, Torchy's tacos, while no SD burrito, are damn fine.

                  2. Just wanted to share my latest discovery, by accident i wanted to get something to drink off the lunch truck and glanced up and noticed on the menu "carne asada burrito" I thought i was hallucinating (because i have given up on the mexican food here ) So i took a leap of faith and ordered it..Yes carne asada with beans and rice with lettuce and tomatoe with guacamole the tortilla was grilled on one side of the burrito. My next question i asked the the driver "where are you from?" because you do not find this type of mexican food here, he mentioned the owner is from texas but lived in san jose ca, "i hit the nail on the head' I know my food. any ways it is a snappy snack truck the owner says different trucks have different owners and different menus here is ,the phone number 512-775-9766 i found him at bazaarvoice between 11 and 1 ps... they also have carne asada tacos but i have not tried them yet....just wanted to mention this is more of a "mission style burrito" that is more common in norcal, but different from a san diego style burrito that has a "meat filling" i also wanted to mention it was served with refried beans and not whole beans " i prefer whole bean" and the last time i had one the cook put yellow processed cheese ( a tex mex influence) cheese cheese cheese, can we say constipation everyone..

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                      just wanted to mention he said he has about thirty stops so he is all over town