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Jan 10, 2010 02:41 PM

Late night eating in Rome

Does anyone have any suggestions for a late meal (10:30-1100 pm) in the centre? We will be arriving relatively late from the airport and will be staying near the spanish steps. We have been to Rome before but we would rather have a solid suggestion than roam around aimlessly looking for dinner


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  1. Rome is not really a very late night town. In that area, the Gusto places- restaurant, osteria, pizzeria, etc., etc.; Google it - will be open late. Opinions about Gusto are decidedly mixed, but you're sure to get something to eat.

    1. Palatium wine bar and restaurant is a very good option a short stroll from the spanish steps.
      Via Frattina 94, Palatium is open daily from 11 am to midnight, except on sundays.

      Hope this helps.

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        Thanks for the suggestions!

        On a similar note, I understand that Rome does not have as much of a strong aperitivo culture as Milan, but I feel like going for something similar to a Tapas experience (I know i know, totally different country and culture!). Do you guys have any suggestions for good wine bars etc that have good free buffets or at least a reputation for solid snacking? Ideally we dont really want to go out of the way (ie, outside of the AURELIAN walls) for these.

        edit: I almost said outside of the servian walls :)

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          It's not an ambience I favor, but I've read and their Web site says that Obika does aperitivo at both its locations, starting at 6:00 p.m. at Campo dei Fiori and at 7:30 p.m. on Via dei Prefetti.

          Ombre Rosse in Trastevere has an unpretentious aperitivo spread.

          1. re: ngmatthe

            You're most welcome!
            In the trendy Trastevere neighborhood you could try Freni e frizioni and/or Friends and my new fave Nylon to enjoy art exhibitions & music while sipping signature cocktails. For a more traditional setting try Open Colonna set atop the newly refurbished art exhibition space Palazzo delle Esposizioni serving delicious finger food. For a very down to earth aperitivo or late night drink try Ivano (iMHO the best mojito around) near Santa Maria della Pace.
            Hope this helps!
            Nancy Aiello

            1. re: ItalyTravelista

              Thanks Nancy! We will try to check those places out.

              On the same idea of nightlife, have you or anyone else on the board been to Gilda's lately? We are trying to decide between going there or La Maison (of course assuming we can actually get in)

              Oh and to keep things food related we are going to try out Ristorante Crispi 19 for dinner, which is getting some good reviews on tripadvisor but hasnt been mentioned on chowhound, if anyone knows about this place and has something to add please do so too :)