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Jan 10, 2010 01:48 PM

Peppino's in woodside- closed???

Does anyone know if Peppino's has closed? I have called for a couple of days and no one is answering. This has been my go to place for delivery (I live in Sunnyside) for a while now and I always thought their Grandma Pie was particularly tasty. If it is indeed closed, does anyone have another rec for a place that delivers to Sunnyside?


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  1. Gates have been shut for the last 4 days I walked passed it. I certainly hope they're just on a "break" Been going there for over 20 years.

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    1. re: QueensKiller

      There is a sign up now saying they are renovating. Hoping that is true and the reopen soon.

      1. re: InWoodside

        Whenever I'm in the area I stop in for a slice. I'm also hoping they reopen. The place could use a fresh new look.

    2. I've been going to peppinos ever since i could remember and their pizza was definately the best in woodside. Unfortunately for the past year or so the quality of their food has deteriorated and i have stopped going. Hopefully with the new renovations will come a renovation to their food. For now i guess i will have to resort to other pizzerias

      1. Went past Peppino's today - they have a brand new awning and those grand opening banners outside. They are still not answering their phone, but it looks like they should be re-opening soon.