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Jan 10, 2010 01:28 PM

In Oswego for a week, and a girl's gotta eat

So, help. Looking for well-prepared, decent food. Place doesn't have to be fancy as long as it meets the other criteria. Also, headed back to Syracuse on Friday. My work partner loves a good microbrewery. Suggestions for these requests? THANKS!

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  1. King Arthur's in Oswego. Steakhouse/brewpub. Not bad...not terribly impressive though.

    Empire Brewing in 'Cuse kicks ass however.

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    1. re: LorenV

      Thanks! We were looking for a place to go before the airport on Friday. My friend loves a good brew pub. We'll give it a try.

    2. if you want to drive up to Cooperstown, The Ostesaga Hotel has decent food.

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      1. re: martyl9

        Thanks, Marty. We;ll think about that, depending on the weather. I appreciate the response!

      2. I grew up not far away, and the Eis House in Mexico (that's Mexico, NY, about 15 miles from Oswego) always had a very good reputation.
        However, looking at their web site now, I see that it's called "Arena's Eis House," which probably means it has new owners, and who know how the food is.
        Wish I could help more!

        (Cooperstown, by the way, is long ways off from Oswego...)

        1. My sister went to school in Oswego and still talks about breakfast at Wade's Diner. No website but here's the yelp link --

          Too bad you're there in winter (for obvious reasons) but also because you can't get to Rudy's -- old fashioned fish fry joint.

          I also highly recommend a quick stop at Heid's of Liverpool if you're a hot dog lover -- just a few miles north of Syracuse.

          Rudy's Stand
          78 County Route 89, Oswego, NY 13126

          Heid's of Liverpool
          305 Oswego St, Liverpool, NY 13088

          1. If you go to Empire in Syracuse (the food is supposed to be tasty too) you could do a mini-beercrawl by stopping in a Clark's and the Blue Tusk, all Armory Square locations with great microbrews.