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Jan 10, 2010 10:59 AM

review [De Lara, Wilmington]

Had dinner at the new place that just opened where the old Tuscana used to be.The name is De Lara and it is Mediterranean. The food was excellant and the service was good. I had the ciopino, and my husband had a hamburger. The ciopino was spicy and had lots of perfectly cooked fish and shrimp and scallops, clams and mahi mahi in a tomato broth. My husbands hamburger was also cooked as he ordered it. The prices are reasonable. I will bring my girlfriends back here during the week to try some to the lunch items. The place was not crowded but it is January in Wilmington. The new look is sleek and elegant. A welcome addition to Wilmingtons restaurant sceen.

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