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Jan 10, 2010 10:14 AM

Taiwan Restaurant on Clement - Fantastic Wonton Soup, Doughnuts + More! [San Francisco]

Saturday afternoon, my husband and I ate at Taiwan Restaurant (445 Clement @ 6th) - it was absolutely phenomenal. Cheap, kitschy, and full of intense, deep-fried goodness - everything a good Chinese restaurant should be. We ate a doughnut (the cornmeal with sesame seems the least greasy of the bunch - but all look great), Wonton Soup "with extra vegetables" (recommended by our Chinese doctor as "the best in the city"), and something mysteriously named Shangtung Vegetable Buns (which were filled with a mound of juicy ground pork). I couldn't help staring at the diners around us, as hurried waitresses delivered plates of Fried White Turnip Cakes, bowls of Shanghai Thick Noodles, and tureens of unidentifiable ingredients that smelled so good I could care less that they are unidentifiable. It is my personal goal to try everything on that little pink menu.

Taiwan Restaurant
445 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

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  1. I lunch at Taiwan frequently. The dishes you mentioned are my favorites. Their price is so reasonable that you can take the whole family there for a Staurday lunch without breaking the bank. They have the best chinese donut in the whol city, imho. My favorite dinner dish is Taiwan country spareribs. they alos have wonderful and popular mustard green with shreeded pork noodle soup. Try those if you haven't

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      I also love the taiwan country spareribs. I thought the flavoring was good (with basil too!)but sometimes it's a little too tough!

    2. I have gone there for years and while not as good as they used to be before changing hands...I still love the boiled dumplings (pork/ginger) and all the soup noodles...try mustard greens with shredded pork or bean paste noodles with shredded pork.

      1. Hurray! Their wonton soup doesn't have shrimp in the filling. (I'm allergic.) Thanks for this tip, I'll try it tomorrow.

        Wonton soup is one of my top comfort foods.