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Jan 10, 2010 09:58 AM

Fish coating...

So I want a crunchy, wheat-free coating for fish. Not something I've done much of at all. I'm thinking dip into beaten egg, and then into potato flakes?

Love any thoughts or ideas!

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  1. What about rice flour, cornmeal or crushed corn flakes?

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      Before you dip into the beaten egg, you might want to consider dredging the fish in a little potato starch, mixed with a little S & P.

    2. I second the rice flour. My Japanese chef mentor loves using it, he says you get a nice crispiness from it.

      Alternatively, a nice preparation is to dip into katakuriko (potato flour) and then fry, then marinate the fish in a soy and dashi broth. Not crispy at all, but soft and mushy, but a nice alternative to consider.

      1. Yes thats how they do it in Chinese resturants that make fried chicken or whole fried sea bass or any other fried fish. If your doing whole fish this is the way to go. Just plain corn starch. If your doing like a piece of salmon then just use shreeded potatoes and make like a crust and pan fry it. Use hot oil and get the potatoes crispy but try to turn only once and not more that 4 or 5 minutes each side. You dont want to get the fish over cooked. You might want to shred the potates and cook them in micro for a minute or so so they get a little soft. I keep thinking of the fish too well done.
        Any way good luck...

        1. Nut crusts are wonderful with fish since they add flavor as well as texture. Almonds are a classic, but pecans and hazelnuts are good, too. You just need to dip a fillet in a bit of egg white and dip in ground nuts. Best with thinner fillets so the nuts don't burn before the fish is cooked.

          1. A little different, but I've just covered a fillet in sesame seed, a nice coating on meatier fish.