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Jan 10, 2010 09:49 AM

Help--what to serve with chile TODAY

Last minute invite to watch football. Friend making big pot of chile. What do I take? She suggested cornbread. I'm thinking salad, or what??? Don't want average salad--boring. What goes good with chile? THANKS!

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  1. regular cornbread

    cornbread with cheddar and fresh jalapenos (not from a can)

    cornbread with bacon and fresh jalapenos (not from a can)

    guac and chips


    A chili "sprinklin" tray;
    chopped red onion (rinsed under cold water for a sec)
    chopped fresh jalapeno
    chopped fresh serrano
    chopped green onion
    sour cream
    chopped cilantro

    1. Cornbread is great with chile...go with that. Also, slaw is pretty good with it too, in my opinion but cornbread is likely quicker to put together.

      1. If you don't want to make corn bread, oyster crackers are a traditional chili go-with.

        1. Thanks. All good ideas. Y'all convinced me to make cornbread. Also found a great watercress and orange salad with red onion on this site. Sounded refreshing!

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            Are you eating while watching TV? If so, a salad can be awkward, esp. along with chile and bread.

            1. Just reread your OP. She asked you to bring cornbread so that's what I'd do. She may already be making salad or has asked someone else to bring that.