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Jan 10, 2010 09:13 AM

SEA- Belltown Rocker Dinner?

Will be in Seattle next week writing an aricle focusing on Seattle's Heyday of music in the early 90's. Will be visiting Sub Pop et all and looking for a nearby spot for dinner - that might be famous for it's rock and roll clientele from back in the day or even today. Done a bit of research and wanted to hear some feedback.

Thoughts on:
Queen City Grill
The Crocodile Cafe - do they still serve food?
El Gaucho
Avenue One
Tini Bigs
Two Bells Tavern
Shilla Restaurant
Mama's Mexican Kitchen

and of course feel free to offer ideas of spots I haven't mentioned if you think they fit the bill.

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  1. There is a great link focusing on burgers that have some great reviews of Two Bells

    1. Hi,
      Mama's was definitely a go-to spot back in the day. Of the list, that is certainly the top early 90's rock joint eatery. Two Bells was another - mainly for lunch. The Croc? yeah they probably still serve up food, but breakfast was all I ever knew anyone ate there. El Gaucho is a great steakhouse with nice service, but I don't think of such as a rocker joint. Noodle Ranch is another still operating joint in the hood that was quite popular - although I've heard not as great anymore. Tini Bigs - not a place a early 90's rock guy/girl would be. Avenue One - closed and not a rock spot.
      OK - hope this helps a bit. Have a great time!

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        Two Bells tavern is one of the great bars in Seattle IMO.

      2. The Croc has been totally remodeled and prettied up from its grungy heyday. Sigh. The "Cafe" is gone, but Via Tribulani opened up in the Croc's former back bar area, so you could grab some pizza there. Queen City and El Gaucho are pricey and not very rock and roll. I don't think Tini Bigs is up your alley either. Never been to Shilla but haven't heard good things. Never heard of Avenue One.

        As for Ohana, their happy hour is decent and it's a cute lil spot. Mama's is quite fun, and probably the closest thing to a rock-and-roll kinda joint as you have on your list. The food is not outstanding but it's quick and cheap and bountiful. Two Bells is fantastic (the burgers are amazing, staff is really nice). Highly recommend. I've seen Kim Thayil from Soundgarden there before.

        See, this neighborhood has been in the process of gentrifying for quite awhile and there isn't much left of the "back in the day" places. I almost want to recommend the Five Point, which is a grungy dive bar with greasy-spoon diner food, served 24 hours (good place to band-watch late at night). Not super "chowhoundy" but if you are looking for old school rocker ambience, that's a pretty good place to soak it up. Be sure to check out the periscope urinal in the men's room.

        If you are looking for something not quite as grungy, you may enjoy Cyclops. The food is decent, but I recommend sitting at the bar or in the bar area for good service.

        Have fun!

        1. five points grille on cedar street - open 24 hours - full bar - excellent french fries by the pound - still a rocker haven

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          1. re: howard 1st

            Isn't 5 Points Café owned by by Dave Meinert, one of Seattle’s biggest music promoters/managers?

            What about Cha Cha or RendezvousYou might want to consult the Music Map too:

          2. Dick's is the place were the cool hang out... (ok, fine, not so rocker, I guess, but I'd go anyway).

            You might also try Bimbo's, Linda's, the Hurricane and Beth's.