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Jan 10, 2010 08:44 AM

sunday evening dinner in venice

we'll be in venice for 4 nights in march - sunday through thursday morning. the restaurant i'm most interested in is Alle Testiere - and i'm going to try for wed. reservations as our last meal in venice. i'd love a suggestion for a place that's open on sunday evening. we'll be jet lagged - so easy going, homey and not touristy. we're new yorkers but don't need over-the-top - just honest good food made with good ingredients. we're staying at oltre il giardino near the frari - so relatively close would be a big plus.

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  1. Sunday in Venice is not a big problem. Monday is a little more problematic. Dining out on Sunday night in Venice is strictly for visitors, therefore, don't except anything else. I would recommend Bancogiro near the Rialto market. One can sit on the street level for glasses of wine and cicchetti or upstair for a full meal. Better yet, if it is not raining or beastly cold, outside on the loggia. This is one of a few parts of Venice that has some life on Sunday nights. Search this board as there are quite a few recent posts on the subject of Sunday in Venice.

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      Isn't Bancogiro closed on Sunday night? I thought they were only open Sunday lunch. It's a great recommendation if they are indeed open. A couple of other places for the OP - Antica Birreria La Corte in Campo San Polo or Al Garanghelo on Calle dei Botteri would both fulfill your requirements nicely, both are pretty close to the Frari and are pretty laid back with good food.

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        both of those look just fine for a bleary first night. looks like i asked the wrong question...perhaps it should be: what's good on monday nights?!

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          ok..hijacking my own original thread. it looks like we'd like to do osteria la bottega ai promessi sposi on monday and Alle Testiere on Wed. (our last evening). i'd love opinions if these are two good choices - not over the top but warm and less formal with good venetian food. (we're all happy seafood eaters).

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            The above poster is right that Bancogiro is closed Sunday nights, my bad. I think the above recommended al Garanghelo is also closed Sundays. For nice location, great pizza, antipasti and primi (though more expensive) is Il Refolo. Al Nono Risorto and Da Sandro on Campo San Meloni both have good pizzas at reasonable cost and simple atmosphere. Also some good antipasti and secondi at Nono Risorto. Closer to Campo San Barnaba are ) are L'Incontro and Enoteca San Barnaba (mostly non seafood). For seafood, La Furatola.
            For Monday nights: La Bitta (no seafood) with warm atmosphere and friendly service. Great traditional Venetian splurge restaurant is Fiachetteria Toscana. Also check the follow post. c for Monday nights.
            Ai Promessi Sposi is simple, good and not expensive but only eaten there at lunch. As for Alle Testiere, search this board as there have been tons of earlier opinions on it.

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              Crikey, you are right PBSF, Garanghelo is not open Sundays. They used to be but, I just checked their website and they are indeed closed.

              Love Al Nono Risorto and also, Il Refolo though a big part of the appeal there is the outdoor seating and March may be a little early for that.

    2. Alla Madonna is a nice trattoria that attracts both locals and tourists. It is open every day except Wednesdays.