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Jan 10, 2010 08:32 AM

Saltie sandwiches in Williamsburg

After hearing the hype, we headed to Saltie yesterday at lunch. It is a very cute shop and seems surprisingly spacious. I love sandwiches...but nothing on the menu jumped out at me as sounding great. My husband got the Captain's Daughter -- pickled eggs, sardines and capers on focaccia. I got the Ship's Bisquit, which was soft scrambled eggs and ricotta on focaccia. On the plus side, the focaccia was simply divine -- a bit oily and flavorful. Secondly, the quality of ingredients is clearly excellent. However, neither of our sandwiches were very well balanced in terms of flavors. Mine was delicate, but borderline bland. It needed something else -- dill? Fresh cracked pepper? Something with a little bite. My husband's sandwich suffered the reverse problem...way too vinegary. On looking at the menu at the rest of the sandwiches, many of them sounded to me like they'd make better salads than sandwiches; like one with squash and feta.

For dessert, we got a chocolate pistachio "nudge" (cookie) and an eccles cake (a small pastry with fig jam, I think). Those were both excellent with a capital (though the pricing structure escapes me...the nudge was $1, the eccles cake was $4).

It seems to me that Saltie is on the right track, but not quite there yet. More experimentation and playing with flavor balancing could make for some really great sandwiches.

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  1. chompchomp,
    As someone on yelp said reviewing this place: "Stuff White People Like #63: Expensive Sandwiches!"
    I had the spanish tortilla sandwich with the red pepper aoili--I thought it was a great heavy starchy bomb of a sandwich to eat on a cold day. But not sure i would go back there...

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      I ordered the tortilla and ricotta pound cake and thought dark thoughts about high prices sure I would never return buyers remorse.Then they handed me the bag - decently heavy it was.The tortilla was a big joyous celebration of the marriage of potato onion and lots of oil (I didn't have the aoili ). The pound cake was enough for tea for two and again excellent. I will be going back.

      1. re: squinchy

        Yeah I've eaten here twice and won't go back. Not good. I asked if they had any sort of breakfast sammich and ended up with a huge slice of potato on greasy focaccia bread. Next time I'll just get a bacon egg and cheese at the bodega around the corner. If you want an overpriced sandwich you're better off at the Lodge (grand and havemeyer).

        318 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

        378 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

      2. Hi chomchomp,

        I went here a few months ago and I do see your point though not for the quality of the food.

        I had the Clean Slate—Middle Easternish/Indian with hummus punctuated by the tangy crunch of pickles (mango slices?) and nestled in naan. My partner had the Scuttlebutt—sort of Mediterranean with capers, olives, feta, and again those wonderful pickles.

        Both were interesting, filling and quickly devoured. However, both were also "knife-and-fork" sandwiches and were quite unwieldy. Still, I'm more than willing to forgive this if the sandwiches tasted amazing (and they did).

        My thoughts on improvement really have only to do with the seating. Those chairs are no fun to sit on for any length of time.

        We'll definitely return. Next time though, we'll get our sandwiches to go and take them home to eat—on a plate with a knife and fork.


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