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Jan 10, 2010 08:29 AM

taco trucks in and around the city

Going to New York for a few days and would like some suggestions for some taco trucks and taquerias. Willing to travel to any length for a good taco. Queens ?, Brooklyn? Manhattan? So give me some ideas because I'm hungry.

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  1. There used to be a great one in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, on 5th avenue between 43rd and 44th Street. People lined up at all hours of the night. I'm looking for another truck, but in the meantime there are good tacos elsewhere in the neighborhood. Take a look around on the boards. Try Ricos Tacos.

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      Thanks, I will keep looking and will be willing to try any place if you think it's good. I will start with this, and thanks again.

      great carnitas also can sometimes be found on 6th avenue below 8th st on the east side of the avenue about 2-3 blocks south sorry to be vague
      also if u like cuban go to casa havana on 8th abou 21 best cafe con leche in the city and dirt cheap buck and a half
      also a block or two north is murray's bagel the best in manhattan

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        ditto on 14th and 8th

        also 86th and lex and 60th and 3rd in manhattan