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Piatti, Glastonbury, CT

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I was going to post this on another thread that was talking about new restaurants in Glastonbury but decided to start a new one because I wanted to be sure it did not get lost. As noted before, my first lunch at Piatti in Glastonbury was only fair but I went back again and was blown away this time.

Last time we all had Chicken Parm snadwiches which were good but a bit bland in taste. The service was also a bit slow (probably because they had just opened).

This time we all had the stuffed burgers and they were excellent!!! The meat was fresh, large and tasty. It was perfectly grilled on a fresh bun. They put your choice of cheese (or other things) inside the burger so when you bite in you get a different taste in the middle. Mine had a generous portion of bacon on top so I was very pleased. The burger included a choice of chips, mac salad or tossed greens which is great if you are watching your diet. Not many places around offer this.

The service this time was faster but the best part of this was that the burger with a side was only $8.50! That is pretty cheap for Glastonbury given the quality of the burger. I beleive Plan B charges $12 for a similar burger. I will definitely be going back again. Anyone else tried it yet? Jay

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  1. Glad you posted this... Been there twice now and I must say I very badly want to see this restaurant be successful. I live very close by and this is exactly the kind of thing our side of town needs.

    With that being said, my impression is that they are still going through some significant growing pains. The menu looks great but the consistency is not there. For instance, my wife got the Eggplant and zucchini panini and the first time it was amazing... bursting with flavor and perfectly prepared with garlic and oil. Went back there Thursday night and she ordered the same thing; this time it was almost tasteless. She was very disappointed.

    I agree with you on the Chicken Parmesan, although I didn't have it as a sandwich...I had the full dinner. I was very disappointed in the lack of flavor, and one of my chicken cutlets was even undercooked. Since it was the last piece on my plate I didn't make a big deal about it but still a concern nonetheless... If this place is going to do well serving Italian fare I also think they have to change their red sauce recipe. It is very bland and lacking in any flavor and taste. We also ordered a caesar salad that came out with the dressing on the side, even though we didn't ask for it on the side. We tried the best we could to toss it ourself, but it was still disappointing.

    Now the service... Our waitress, a tall bubbly blond, met us when we were seated and gave us a great first impression... then it was all downhill from there. She left us without drinks for what seemed to be forever and was the most inattentive waitress we've had in a long time. The most frustrating thing was we had to ask her twice for everything and she still would forget. Next time we'll just have to make sure we get somebody else.

    Didn't try dessert as they said they are still undecided as to what they will be offering for an after-dinner menu. They have a nice display case in the main dining area so hopefully they'll have some nice things to display in it soon.

    Atmosphere is great, bar area is well appointed. We will be back because we want this place to be successful. My advice to Piatti is get a better red sauce recipe, work to ensure consistency of food preparation and taste, speed up the bar service, and keep an eye on the caliber of the waitstaff. This place has potential... I hope they are able to see the things that need to be addressed so they can meet it.

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      Great post and I agree they need to do something with their sauce. Anyway take my advice and try the burgers and I think you will be pleased. Then again I don't know many restaurants that can survive on one good meal option. Jay

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      1. Our second trip tonight. The wife wanted to try the stuffed Burgers after such a great review read here. I couldn't believe they could do such a poor job on Chicken Parmesan so I had to try that. My wife said the Burger was the best she ever had anywhere. I tried it too and agreed. The Chicken Parm was also one of the best I ever had. The sauce had a great taste and flavor, Kinda reminded me of the good old days at Frank's downtown. So, I guess the doubters will need to add our names to the list of schills. Service was great too. Our waiter did say they tweaked their sauce a few weeks ago for what it is worth.

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          Must of been a bad night for the chicken parm, it's back on track for sure.

        2. OK, now I can say I have been back a third time... I went back this weekend with some neighborhood friends because as I said in my original post I want to give Piatti every opportunity to succeed. Overall I must say our experience was much improved. After an incredible fungi bruschetta (you must try this) I took Jay's advice and had the stuffed burger- WOW. The quality was very, very good. The beef was cooked as I ordered it and the roll was perfect. One of us had the eggplant parm that obviously came with the red sauce. I had a taste and I think they listened to my advice because the red sauce was not the same red sauce I had on my first visit... it had a nice flavor yet was not overwhelming- a significant improvement IMO.

          The service seems to be improving but I still feel as though the kitchen staff needs some more supervision. Seems things are still a little inconsistent back there. Bar staff seems very good… Two of us ordered specialty martinis and they were absolutely wonderful.

          Regardless of the obvious “growing pains” chronicled here by myself and others, I believe Piatti has what it takes to be a very successful addition to our community. Keep in mind they are “breaking in” all of their staff at the same time and eventually they will fine-tune the areas that need to be addressed. This is a place where you can tell there is a strong desire to give our side of town what it so desperately needs... a worthy restaurant that can satisfy those who desire a quality meal at reasonable prices in a comfortable atmosphere.

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            what a complimentary and most of all, morale boosting review of this new restaurant....people, i find, don't give a new place any time to feel comfortable in their shoes, so to speak....everyone is always more than willing to crucify at the first mistake they either see, or more importantly, perceive to see...

            good luck piatti! will frequent you soon

          2. I took my DW on Saturday to lunch and found it to be very good. She had the stuffed burger and said it was excellent. I had the Cheese steak and it was very good too. the only bad thing to say was that my wife's burger came out a few minutes before mine. She dug in as I sat there so I agree they need to work on the timing of food coming out of the kitchen. Neighboring tables had the pizza and manicotti which looked great. I will go back and try the sauce again. Jay

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              After posting the above I needed to take my son out for lunch. We ended up going to Piatti's. He had a stuffed burger which he loved but could not finish (and this was a starving teenager). I tried the manicotti and it was excellent. The sauce is definitely different than what I had a coupe of weeks ago. It is much better, fresher tasting. The service today was very good too but they were not that busy. The food came out in a reasonable amount of time and we were asked several times if we needed anything. I think they definitely are improving. Now if they just don't pull a Pazzo's and up the prices significantly, I will be a regular. Jay

            2. I was just there again today and it was, as always, excellent. I alos had the bolognese and it was so good. I was also there last week and had their stuffed burger. It too was excellent. In fact it was better than the burger I had at Plan B a couple of weeks ago and is $4 cheaper! I will say the service can be a little slow but the food is fresh. Jay

              Plan B
              4 Railroad St, Simsbury, CT 06070

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                I'm very glad to hear they're doing well. I haven't been in a couple months but look forward to going back (and after hearing your review, trying their bolognese). Piatti has a nice niche in town and you can tell their heart is in the right place.

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                  On your recommendation, I tried the stuffed burger. I wanted to like it, and it's been a while since I've had Plan B, but boy, going by memory, there's no comparison. I'd rather buy up for a Plan B burger or stay home and make my own. It was OK enough, but nowhere close to the quality and juiciness I recall from Plan B. I do like that I had a choice of salad (and the spinach salad is great--candied walnuts and goat cheese, too, nice dressing). Service was fine, waiter was friendly, but no plans to return. Too many other places in the area outshine this one.

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                    Sorry Kattyeyes but I would much rather spend $9 for a stuffed burger at Piatti than $13+ at Plan B. I am not cheap but to me there is not a big difference. Both are made with fresh meat and served on a nice think bun. And at Piatti you get a side salad which would cost you extra at Plan B. To me Plan B is over hyped and trendy.

                    Also I am not sure what places you think outshine it. In Glastonbury there is a very limited number of place that are similar and those are mostly much higher priced. I am not saying that Piatti's is fabulous but for your money it is the best deal around. Jay

                    Plan B
                    120 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT 06033

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                      No offense Jay, but not sure what you're ordering at Plan B. I just checked their menu because I didn't recall paying $13+ for any burger there. Example: their "3 Shrooms" burger (mushrooms & Swiss--close to the stuffed burger I had at Piatti) is $10.59 and comes with "fancy fries" or organic mixed greens. I prefer Plan B's buns and find the price difference negligible.

                      As to what places in G'bury outshine Piatti, I'd either go to Plan B for similar fare, or eat something totally different at Thai Angel or Sakura Garden...or maybe see what 2 Hopewell is like for lunch (I've only been for dinner). Lunch at any of those places seems to be priced similarly, give or take a buck or two.

                      2 Hopewell
                      2 Hopewell, Glastonbury, CT 06033

                      Thai Angel
                      RR 17, Glastonbury, CT 06033

                2. I have been to Piatti's 4 or 5 times now and have always enjoyed my meal. My boyfriend and I sit in the bar and let me tell you the bartender Bob is awesome. The orzo salad with the paninis is great and so are the stuffed burgers. I am a big fan!