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Jan 10, 2010 07:50 AM

Piatti, Glastonbury, CT

I was going to post this on another thread that was talking about new restaurants in Glastonbury but decided to start a new one because I wanted to be sure it did not get lost. As noted before, my first lunch at Piatti in Glastonbury was only fair but I went back again and was blown away this time.

Last time we all had Chicken Parm snadwiches which were good but a bit bland in taste. The service was also a bit slow (probably because they had just opened).

This time we all had the stuffed burgers and they were excellent!!! The meat was fresh, large and tasty. It was perfectly grilled on a fresh bun. They put your choice of cheese (or other things) inside the burger so when you bite in you get a different taste in the middle. Mine had a generous portion of bacon on top so I was very pleased. The burger included a choice of chips, mac salad or tossed greens which is great if you are watching your diet. Not many places around offer this.

The service this time was faster but the best part of this was that the burger with a side was only $8.50! That is pretty cheap for Glastonbury given the quality of the burger. I beleive Plan B charges $12 for a similar burger. I will definitely be going back again. Anyone else tried it yet? Jay

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  1. Glad you posted this... Been there twice now and I must say I very badly want to see this restaurant be successful. I live very close by and this is exactly the kind of thing our side of town needs.

    With that being said, my impression is that they are still going through some significant growing pains. The menu looks great but the consistency is not there. For instance, my wife got the Eggplant and zucchini panini and the first time it was amazing... bursting with flavor and perfectly prepared with garlic and oil. Went back there Thursday night and she ordered the same thing; this time it was almost tasteless. She was very disappointed.

    I agree with you on the Chicken Parmesan, although I didn't have it as a sandwich...I had the full dinner. I was very disappointed in the lack of flavor, and one of my chicken cutlets was even undercooked. Since it was the last piece on my plate I didn't make a big deal about it but still a concern nonetheless... If this place is going to do well serving Italian fare I also think they have to change their red sauce recipe. It is very bland and lacking in any flavor and taste. We also ordered a caesar salad that came out with the dressing on the side, even though we didn't ask for it on the side. We tried the best we could to toss it ourself, but it was still disappointing.

    Now the service... Our waitress, a tall bubbly blond, met us when we were seated and gave us a great first impression... then it was all downhill from there. She left us without drinks for what seemed to be forever and was the most inattentive waitress we've had in a long time. The most frustrating thing was we had to ask her twice for everything and she still would forget. Next time we'll just have to make sure we get somebody else.

    Didn't try dessert as they said they are still undecided as to what they will be offering for an after-dinner menu. They have a nice display case in the main dining area so hopefully they'll have some nice things to display in it soon.

    Atmosphere is great, bar area is well appointed. We will be back because we want this place to be successful. My advice to Piatti is get a better red sauce recipe, work to ensure consistency of food preparation and taste, speed up the bar service, and keep an eye on the caliber of the waitstaff. This place has potential... I hope they are able to see the things that need to be addressed so they can meet it.

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      Great post and I agree they need to do something with their sauce. Anyway take my advice and try the burgers and I think you will be pleased. Then again I don't know many restaurants that can survive on one good meal option. Jay

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