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Jan 10, 2010 07:31 AM

Comfort Food

In spite of global warming, the entire Continent is freezing...which brings up the subject of Comfort Food.
Macaroni and cheese seems to be a popular comfort food. My wife prepares it with several types of cheese which will vary from time to time and lately has added carmelized onions to the recipe. Mmmm!
What's your fave comfort food?

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  1. When I was a university student, someone introduced me to a really cheap meal that I still make occasionally that I think of as "comfort food". It is disgusting but oh so good. Fried spam on toast with HP sauce. Ah....the memories.....

    When I was a kid, we lived in Germany for a couple of years so my go to comfort food is schnitzel and spatzle with Hunter Sauce. Yummmm.

    1. I like to make a boxed chicken noodle soup...and add dumplings. Add butter and salt on top of the dumplings and serve. I used to call it "feel better soup." But I've changed the title to "feel bigger" soup. :(

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        That sounds like it's in the same theme as the soup I make that my family has dubbed "sick soup." I start with two packages of Lipton's Chicken Noodle or a couple of cans of Campbell's Chicken Rice soup. To this I add either some couscous, rice or small pasta such as orzo. When the whole thing is done, there's usually very little liquid and mostly just a mush of noodles and whatever other starch I added. If I'm needing protein, I'll stir in a couple of beaten eggs at this point. Also, to add a bit of Vitamin C, I usually add a couple of teaspoons or more of lemon juice to each bowl before I eat it. This has gotten me through quite a few times when I had no appetite.

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          That sounds good. I have a terrible cold right now. Or maybe it sounds particularly good because I've been on the South Beach diet all week. Any carbs sound good.

      2. i happen to be in San Diego - the only place in the country that isn't stuck in a deep freeze right now - and comfort food is the last thing on my mind when it's 72 degrees and sunny!

        but when i was sick last week i wanted comfort food despite the weather, and the things i was craving most were chicken soup when i was feeling really crappy...and meatloaf, stuffed cabbage, and brisket (or a really good beef stew or ragu) with carrots and potatoes when i started to get my appetite and sense of taste back. oh, and matzoh brei (most likely due to a thread about it here on CH).

        as good & comforting as REAL mac & cheese is, i try not to think about it anymore since the gluten-free stuff isn't worth eating.

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        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          I went to a potluck a few months back, and someone brought in a great casserole that could probably sub in for mac/cheese in a pinch. It was a rice, cheese, and spinach casserole. The kind of thing that is the farthest possible from gourmet, but such a guilty pleasure. If I couldn't have pasta, I'd probably give it a run.

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            Losing your sense of taste and smell is the worst! I keep canned soups on hand for that calamity so I won't feel like I'm missing out on something really special when I can't taste anything. For me it's steak or lamb chops, mashed potatoes with plenty of butter mashed in, and spinach with butter. I just got a huge bag of baby spinach at a great price from Costco and I'm really enjoying it. My friend doesn't generally enjoy spinach but this baby spinach is hooking him. Helps that I let him cook it, kinda fun to watch it simmer down so fast.

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              GHG, really? Mac and cheese was the very first dish I mastered gluten free, no doubt in part because I had no intentions of giving it up. I think I make pretty fabulous mac and cheese. I don't use any of that tinkyada crap, though, and I take extra extra care with my cheese now.

              1. re: Vetter

                i just think all the GF pasta i've tried is crap, and if the pasta isn't good, the entire dish suffers. then again, it's been a couple of years since i bothered with it. grains in general have been giving me digestive trouble for a while now, even the GF ones, so i've been forgoing all of them except quinoa (which technically isn't a grain!) anyway. but out of curiosity in case i decide to go back to starches, what's your preferred GF pasta brand? one caveat - it has to be soy-free. soy flour is yet another ingredient i can't tolerate.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  I think my favorite is the Ancient Harvest quinoa/corn pasta. It holds its shape very well, and the corn flavor is easily lost when you use an interesting blend of cheeses (taleggio, aged cheddar, real fontina, etc--whatever blend I'm taking a whack at). It doesn't turn to sludge like the rice pasta when reheated, either.

                  1. re: Vetter

                    great to know, thanks. i had a box of that stuff sitting in the cupboard for ages, and after moving it from LA to NJ to San Diego, i finally tossed it :) but at least i know what i'm looking for if i decide to give it another go!

                  2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    I tried a few gluten-free pastas in an attempt to find some good alternatives for my granddaughter. I tried the Tinkyada Fusilli - but I didn't use it as a base for a traditional pasta type dish. I used it as a base for a spicy dal and it was fantastic. I loved it.

              2. Macaroni and cheese is for sure a fave comfort food. I like Stouffer's when I'm not feeling like cooking. Another is grilled cheese sandwiches (real cheese, but on white bread); often eaten with tomato soup.

                Another comfort food for me is potato pancakes. My mother makes them best, but in a pinch I'll get them at Vienna Meats on Birchmount, in Scarborough (Ontario, Canada). They only serve them on Wednesdays, though. I'm not at all fond of what is called "latkas" in many restaurants, but looks more like a potato muffin (thick and solid). I like them thin and crispy.

                1. Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and tomato gravy served with peas and carrots. Then you mix the peas and carrots into the mashed potatoes. Grilled cheese and tomato soup- dunk your sandwich into the soup. Soup beans (brown beans) and cornbread with chow-chow and chopped onions.

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                  1. re: vafarmwife

                    Meatloaf is one of my favorites too. I make a BBQ meatloaf with smoky bbq sauce mixed in and brushed on top.