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Wedding Caterer Suggestions - Arlington/Cambridge

Suggestions needed for a wedding caterer in the Arlington/Cambridge area. Would love to find really good, possibly eclectic food, and reasonable pricing a must. What wedding food have you had that was delicious? What's your favorite fun/funky place to eat that also caters?


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    1. Thanks for posting - I am also looking for similar replies - Here's an older thread that I bookmarked that may be of some help - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/534530 - but I would also love to get more responses. As a 'hound, the wedding salad of lettuce, one cherry tomato and slivers of carrot just ain't gonna cut it. ;)

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          Second Green Olive. They did a nice job with our wedding, very reasonable prices, and they were very helpful with taking us to Festive Occasions to pick linens, place settings, etc. We did everything ourselves and Green Olive helped coordinate with vendors and stuff.

        2. Cuisine Chez Vous: http://www.cuisinechezvous.com/ Delicious food, beautiful food, great service, very fair prices. Nice folks to work with, too.


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            This place looks great, when was the last time you/someone used them? I'm looking to do a large party (200 people?) in a boring space. So many yummy sounding options on their menu, would be fun to use them if they're available and not too bad a price.

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              Chez Vous has recently catered our company lunch (250 people) in a boring space and did a great job. [Oops, didn't realize how old this thread was. But maybe it'll be useful to someone else!]

          2. Some beautiful food, definitely. Thank you all for the recs so far. How about something more eclectic like asian or noodle house type catering?

            Thanks again!

            1. Check out Peng Yew Catering. The asian fare is just fabulous.

              1. Just wanted to bump this thread - any more suggestions?

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                  Partly I wanted to bump this, but partly wanted to hear what you ended up doing? My probable venue is pushing a Catered Affair, but am thinking that will be too swanky for our budget. (I know, they all say that they can do whatever budget, but sometimes it's hard to keep things down if the place is naturally more expensive).

                2. We were looking for something a little more casual (outdoor summer wedding) and got East Coast Grill to do the catering. Excellent food, and very professional service. Very easy to work with as well.

                  1. http://www.somethingsavory.com/cater_...

                    Restaurant is gone, but catering lives on as far as i know - owners Jodi and Johnny (chef) are great people and the Caribbean eclectic food is better as catering than eating at the restaurant, which I liked but didn't love. I don't know about pricing level but think it's reasonable.

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                      I contacted Something Savory about possible event catering last spring. We'd eaten at the restaurant shortly before it closed and really liked the food. They never got back to me with menus and did not respond to several phone messages. I assumed they'd closed up shop.

                    2. I forgot to report back that the happy couple decided on the amazing food at Francesca's in Arlington. They have loved the food there for quite awhile and took me there for lunch recently and I have to say its the best Italian food I've had in awhile. Really amazing and inexpensive place just to pop in for lunch also.

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                        I'm also getting married in Arlington this summer and hired Harvest Catering. They're doing a lot of grilled food, chicken, steak, swordfish. We're hoping that at least having food that is freshly cooked will bump up the quality compared to a lot of weddings we've been to. Has anyone heard anything or had any experiences with Harvest?

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                          We got married last June in Lincoln. We used East Meets West and they were AMAZING. We wanted Indian-inflected cuisine (my husband is Indian) and EMW seemed to get it immediately-- the menu was the perfect mix of Indian and Western, and everything was colorful, deliciously spiced, and gorgeously presented.

                          One last thing- we didn't have a planner, so our caterer ended up doing a lot of day-of coordinating (i.e. making sure the florist knew where to drop flowers, etc.). EMW was perfect. If you're interested, send me a message and I can send you our menu and the name of our contact there.

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                          A good choice. Can't go wrong with that place.

                        3. WildFlour Catering 50 Terminal St. Charlestown