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Jan 10, 2010 07:19 AM

Any truth to not buying fish on Sundays?

Our fish guy at a local store told us this, and I am curious if this is the case? Are there "prime" times to purchase fish or does it depend on location?

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  1. My guess for someone saying that would be fish markets don't usually get delivery of fish on Sunday thereby any that is already in the store was delivered before Sunday, meaning that it's not as fresh...But personally, if I could find a market to get fish on Sunday and it looked/smelled fresh, I'd buy it.

    1. In many places there last fish delivery is on Friday. So it has been around a couple of days or more. I never ever order fish on Mondays since it easily could be Fridays delivery also.

      1. That's what Anthony Bourdain in his book "Kitchen Confidential" says.
        Although local Asian Fish markets with live tanks are a Sunday option.

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          Right, he said order fish Tues-Thurs only, and that those were the best nights to dine out, period. He also said to never order mussels in a restaurant, period.

        2. Buying fresh fish depends on many factors. The type of store being one of them and where one live being two of them. It is somewhat of a fallacy to think that one is buying fish delivered on the same day from any type of store. Some store control their inventory better than others and will keep their fish in pristine condition. Also the fish industry has gone world wide, therefore, some of the fish that one sees at the store might have been shipped frozen then thaw for sale. Some frozen fish can be of good quality. Looking to see what looks good and trusting your local store is probably better than any general rule.

          1. My husband is a Japanese fishmonger and we try avoiding fish on Sundays. Most fish markets around the world are closed on Sundays, and shops are not getting deliveries on that day. But, you need to discuss with your fishmonger.

            We do keep frozen fish in our freezer if we are craving seafood on Sundays.