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Jan 10, 2010 06:42 AM

Sara's or Bistro Daisy

I think I am going to try Le crepe nanou for dinner as it is open on Monday and close to where we are staying in the Garden District. I have been hearing some good things about Sara's... I checked out their website and the food looks really interesting I have to decide if I want to go there or go back to Bistro Daisy. Which would you pick? Damn I wish I was going to be in NOLA a little longer!!! 3rd time in a year, but I always only stay 3=2-3 nights!! Not enopugh eating time!!!

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  1. Oh another thing would you go to Luke over Le Crpe Nanou???

    1. That is a tough call-these two are some of the best, but most underrated restaurants in NOLA IMO. Saras has more of an Indian/Mediterean fell and is a bit more funky in both atmosphere and menu. If you do chose Sara's try the Shrimp Vindaloo. Bistro Daisy has a bit more of a lmited menu, but is still wonderful and the lamb shank in yummy! If you have to pick one-I am going to go with Sara's. It is definetly a very unique restaurant for NOLA, and will give you a new spin on some traditional favorites. Luke v. Le Crepe Nanou? Luke, for me, but you won't go wrong either way. LCN has a great atmosphere and the food is good as well. Hope this helps.

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        I agree that these SARA and BD are two of the better kept secrets in town (and both wonderful choices)

        I would lean towards Bistro Daisy, personally, but I don't think you can go wrong either way).

        I like Luke, but REALLY like LCN, so again, i would lean the other way from Scarlett. That being said, I think you have four outstanding choices, and will be happy regardless.