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Jan 10, 2010 06:23 AM

substituting for eggs

i read that you can use a mixture of flax seed and water to substitute for eggs in a recipe as a binder. has anyone tried this? how does it affect taste or constitency? are there other substitutes for eggs besides egg substitute products?

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  1. When I did more vegan cooking and baking, I used a flax seed binder.

    It's very easy to make: 1 T. ground flax seed + 3 T. water for each egg.

    Stir them together and set them aside for a few minutes.

    It has an amazing egg-like texture (you know, somewhat slimy) and I liked it better as a binder in baked goods or in mock crabcakes (made with tempeh) than tapioca starch. I had better results buying the whole seeds and grinding them myself than using flax seed meal.

    This is NOT an egg substitute for quiches or scrambled eggs, though.

    1. We use it frequently in baked goods since we're vegan. Seems to work best with warm water. Taste and consistency are fine. We haven't had eggs in 20 and 30+ years so can't really compare. We sometimes use Ener-G egg replacer.
      includes some other options.