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Jan 10, 2010 06:00 AM

Need Philly BYOB for 15 people...

Any recommendations for a BYOB restaurant in Philly that could accomodate a group of 15 guys (pre bachelor party dinner), yet still has good food. Only place I can think of is Gnocchi off of South Street, but would rather go somewhere else if possible.

Any cuisine is fine, only limitation is it has to be IN the city, as we're going out there afterwards and driving won't really be an option. Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. Couple thoughts:
    Lee How Fook in Chinatown has a private banquet room they might let you use for a group that size. The food is outstanding.
    Branzino, Melograno, and Aqua are other options with rooms big enough to fit you guys.
    I've also seen groups that big in Kanella.

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      If Asian is okay, Misso at 13th and Spruce has a table that I believe can seat 15.

      1. re: mitchh

        i think i read that misso just closed....

    2. We've been part of groups that size at Branzino. Food is very good, and everyone was very pleased. 17th St., just north of Spruce.
      It wouldn't be a private room, just one end of a larger room if that is okay.

      1. Melegrano is great. Pound for pound the best italian BYOB in the city. My favorite BYOB, lolita is in center city. They can easily accomodate you too.

        1. if you can do mexican before a big night of drinking, tequila's is a good bet. so is distrito and you'll get to look at cute college girls. :)

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            Neither of those is BYOB, which the OP was asking for...

            I'd say Branzino is a good suggestion.

          2. Whatever you do don't go to Fogo de Chao, you'll wind up spending a ton of $$.