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Jan 10, 2010 05:53 AM

Glenn Beck Bill O'Reilly [Westbury]

Will be heading to WESTBURY to see Glenn & Bill, anyone know of a good restaurant close by?? I love French food, I like lamb, veal, shrimp, duck, sweetbreads, frog legs, escargot, rabbit, foie gras. Anything fit this bill in that area?? Thanks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are 2 French restaurants I can think of nearby, both in Williston Park. One is La Marmite, on Hillside Avenue, about a mile or 2 west of Willis Avenue. The other is Oliver Bon Dinant, also on Hillside about 2 blocks east of Willis Avenue. However I'm not sure if Oliver's is still around. Also, last I heard it was byob. Both of these places should only be about a 15 minute drive to the theater.

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        Thanks I will look them up on Zagat!

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          Oliver Bon Dinant is no more. The owner Oliver Leung who was Cantonese sold the place in '04. His escargots in garlic butter were excellent and the Croque-monsieur would have been a perfect thing to eat before a Bill/Glenn show. I find your wanting to dine on French cuisine before a Bill O'Reilly show ironic, but "Freedom Fries" seem to be a thing of the past. Good luck!

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            Brasserie Cassis in Plainview is a very good bet and only a couple of exits east on the Northern State, off South Oyster Bay Rd. There's also Chez Noelle in Port Washington, but that may be a bit more out of the way. Wherever you go, bon appetit!