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Jan 10, 2010 03:42 AM

Whole Foods shout-outs (2010)

Though Whole Foods is not my regular supermarket, I am drawn to it for certain items I can't buy elsewhere.


- pain au levain - white bread made with a sourdough starter--simply fantastic!
- cranberry ginger bread - not "gingerbread" but beautiful white bread with cranberry and ginger in it, topped with turbinado sugar
- I have yet to meet a bread in the WF bakery I don't love

- crab cakes - grabbed these yesterday on sale. I enthusiastically recommend--pure deliciousness for $2 a pop--how can you lose? They crisped up nicely on the outside and were loaded with tasty crab. I could NOT make crab cakes as inexpensively from scratch. I've tried it before and mine were not nearly as good as these.

What do you love at Whole Foods?

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  1. Yep, have tried those crab cakes ONCE...couldn't believe the damned price but it was a nice treat for my son and me--obviously, I bought them NOT on! Are you talkin' only about prepared foods? Their Indian paneer hot entree is good when there are no Indian take-outs around this place; bought their pork stew once for my son in a pinch and he inhaled it. Love the 365 frozen wild blueberries and their 365 canned tuna.

    1. The cinnamon swirl bread is something I buy at Whole Foods exclusively-I love the fact that it's just sweet enough and that it doesn't have any raisins or anything obstructing the cinnamon taste.
      The coffee beans appear to be somewhat of a bargain and they're roasted on premises.
      Real fruit popsicles in coconut flavour-these are like the ones that I get in Florida when I visit my mother and father; I haven't seen them anywhere else up here.

      I agree with kattyeyes about the baked on premises bread, and I'm definately going to check out the crabcakes next time I'm there.

      1. Bulk cherry vanilla Granola when it's on sale.
        Bulk Falafel mix.

        Some of the WF in my area have smokers on the premises. They actually know how to make real q!

        1. I love it when I can get baguettes, still warm from the oven, at WF. I buy 2, I eat 1/2 a baguette while I'm waiting on line.

          1. NEWS FLASH! We're not the only ones who love those crab cakes. I called today to see if they were still on sale. They are, but they're all out of 'em in my local store and are passing out rainchecks. So this kat is off to get a big fat raincheck for more, more, more!

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              You evil,evil girl...will stop on my way home but call first! oops...our store does not feature them on sale ... never mind!