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Jan 9, 2010 10:08 PM

Looking for a good Eastern NC style BBQ place in King County

I'm really craving some decent Eastern NC style bbq. Not VA style, not Western or Southern NC, but that Rocky Mount, Raleigh, Elizabeth City and the Outer Banks style vinegar based pork bbq on a bun with coleslaw.

Can anyone help me out with recommendations?

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  1. Having traveled to both Northern and Southern Carolina, my sincere suggestion is to buy a plane ticket; there is nothing in Puget Sound that warrants a blip on the serious radar screen, Memphis included.

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    1. re: Leper

      Leper, I like your style :)

      I'm going to hang out and hope someone knows of some little hole in the wall, 'cause you can never tell. Or maybe post for a couple of pig pickin' recipe suggestions.

    2. I can unfortunately confim leper's report. The only pulled pork you're going to get here has tangy BBQ sauce mixed in...obviously worlds away and, in my opinion, much worse than great Eastern Carolina BBQ. Let us know if you find something though.

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      1. re: yoyo11

        Longhorn BBQ, formerly on 1st Ave S, had a "clean" pulled pork sandwich. Their sauce (on the side) wasn't vinegary enough to really be NC style but it this sandwich was the only thing edible at Longhorn FWIW.

        They are still in business apparently, but only in Auburn & Kent (except for their 'outposts' in Qwest field and the Puyallup fair) as far as I can tell.

      2. Ro Ro BBQ on Stoneway in Wallingford/Fremont serves a pulled pork sandwich that you can "make a deluxe' aka add coleslaw for $1 extra. They do have a NC vinegar style sauce on the table but I haven't tried it.

        1. Lived in NC for a bit and can tell you that you are SOL here in the emerald city. Best bet is using bbq as an excuse to visit friends back east (or using friends back east as an excuse to visit bbq) or making your own. Thrill of the Grill has a recipe, or check the home cooking page on CH.

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          1. I've yet to make any pilgrimages to the BBQ holy lands east of the Mississippi or in Texas, but I truly enjoy the Georgia Gold sandwich at Roy's in Columbia City, which features pulled pork, slaw and a mustard-based sauce; I'm told this is more akin to the South Carolina style. They have a conventional pulled pork as well, with a more tangy sauce. The sauces IIRC are toppings, and are not mixed in the meat, so one could request without.