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Jan 9, 2010 10:05 PM

China Jade, Aurora CO

There has been a little bit of discussion of China Jade here, but I went there for dinner tonight and thought it would be nice to have its own thread.

I went with a party of twelve - ten of us ate family style. We had ten entrees for the whole party, plus two appetizers, and took extra food home. For appetizers, we had the pork buns (I didn't try one) and the wonton in spicy oil, which I thought didn't have much flavor beyond the chili oil. I tried to take photos, but didn't want to use flash and they are a bit blurry, sorry.

The family style entrees included:
• eggplant with hot garlic sauce - this had shredded pork in the dish as well
• spicy boiled beef (photo below in the glass dish), beef and bean sprouts in a medium spicy broth/sauce
• basil shrimp - strong basil flavor, I think had broccoli as well
• crispy duck - this came out cut into pieces with a side sauce
• twice cooked pork - my favorite, this was pork belly with leeks, and is the fourth photo below
• ziran (sp?) beef - I think this is the "cuminum cyminum" beef mentioned in the westword article - this is the third photo below
• thai style chicken curry - one of the spicier dishes, this actually seemed more like Indian curry to me, with potatoes and chicken chunks
* some kind of pork - sorry, I forget exactly what the name of this one was, but it is the second photo below

Of these dishes, I think the twice cooked pork and spicy boiled beef were my favorites. Many people thought the eggplant was the best, but I don't much like eggplant so I can't fairly judge that. This was definitely the best overall Chinese that I've had in Denver, although I don't know how often I would frequent the restaurant since it is 45 minutes from my house.

China Jade
12203 E Iliff Ave Ste D, Aurora, CO 80014

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  1. Thanks for the review—and the reminder! I've got to get there.

    When you say 10 of you ate family style, does that mean they'll actually let some people order a la carte while others don't? That's rare. Good to know.

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    1. re: tatamagouche

      Well, we just got one check for the entire party, but there were two people who didn't want to eat family style. Most of the dishes are almost the same price ($10-13 for entrees), so it wasn't a big deal, we just had everyone pay $14 (includes tax and tip) to cover the bill. I'm not sure if they would have split the check into multiple sections or not, we didn't ask them to.

      I should also note that it is not a large restaurant. We had called well in advance, and they pushed together four tables to make one big table, and we took up almost half of the room.

      Oh, I see that this post is allowing me to add more photos, I will try to attach photos of the crispy duck, curry, and one of the pork buns.