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Jan 9, 2010 06:35 PM

Andy's Diner in Choshohocken - Open yet? (moved from PA board)

I haven't been over that way lately... target date for opening was 1/1/10... has anyone been by to see if they are open yet?

Better yet, has anyone tried it?

this is what was lone star then HI Ribs at the corner of chemical road and ridge.


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  1. well, to answer my own question, that place is NOT open. There's scaffolding all over the front of the building, and no sign out front.

    1. Opened today. Had a very good experience, large menu, good food, decent prices. About all you can ask of a diner.

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        good to know! We'll have to swing by soon.

      2. Andy's Diner opened Monday and will never close again. HA Ha 24-7
        Looks Great Food is awesome and has a BAR love it .