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Jan 9, 2010 05:36 PM

Ramen in Tokyo

Hi all,
I'll be in Japan for about a week (Tokyo) and would like to know what ramen places are on the short list.

Here in LA there's quite a few discussions on ramen. Some Chows who have been to Japan say there is no comparison.

I really like to try some of the top places so I have a basis to judge how LA ramen stacks up against the very best Japanese.

I saw these places on Youtube. Do you think any of the following would be a good suggestion.

If someone can translate the names as well and what general part of the city I would be appreciate it.


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  1. #1 Kururi, in Ichigaya
    #2 Honmarutei, Kanagawa Prefecture (not Tokyo)
    #3 Kiraboshi, Musashino City (outskirts of Tokyo)

    I don't know if these are "top places" - they were the top 3 on some TV show, but there are several different TV shows about ramen every week. There have been many discussions of ramen on this board, if you do a search.

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    1. re: Robb S

      Thanks for the translation and swift reply.

      I tried to do a search typing in "Ramen Tokyo" and only got one match that had Ramen in Roppongi in the first dozen threads.

      I figured there was going to be a ton of matches but only found one on the first page.

      I'll do some deep diving in the older threads.

      Thanks again.

      1. re: kamiosaki

        Kamiosaki thanks for the hook up
        this is great.....

      2. You may want to go to Ivan Ramen:

        And I spoke with Ivan recently and he recommended this website, by a guy who is working at his shop:

        My personal favorite is the chilled sesame noodles at Sapporoya, "hiyashi chuka gomadare" near Tokyo station listed here:

        If you go to Ivan Ramen tell him Yukari sent you!

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        1. re: Yukari

          Wow everything looks so good.

          Thank you for the links it's very helpful.

        2. You could also 'hop' on over to the Ramen Museum in Yokohama, if you're serious. Nine famous ramens shops all in one location. Mini-portions offered if you want to try many different shops on one visit, though even then you do have to pace yourself....

          1. Try searching like this:

            I get tons and tons of ramen links. I really like #1 - it was my local shop for awhile before I moved. It's really quite nice.

            Here's another blog with good stuff: