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Jan 9, 2010 05:14 PM

Please help me decide! First real NOLA trip!

Ok, here's what I need help with.

1. Hauling it from the airport into plantation country, is Voodoo BBQ the best place to grab a quick bite on the way out of town? (Sat lunch)

2. Is Acme's packed at lunch on Sundays? Is there a better FQ option that wont eat up (pun intended) a lot of touring time?

3. On a Sunday night in the FQ - NOLA or Red Fish Grill? (Husband doesnt want to pack a jacket so we are staying business casual and only have 3 days so looking for great seafood, creole, cajun, southern locales)

4. Mon am - light quick breakfast anywhere on the St Charles streetcar route (coming from Marriott on Canal)

5. Mon night in the CBD - Drago's or Bon Ton?

6. Lunch on Tues before we head to the airport - where have I missed thats a must-eat in the FQ or CBD?

Anywhere do anything fun or special for anniversaries?

Thanks fellow CHs!

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  1. Off the top of my head,
    Have a drink in the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel,
    or The Carousel Lounge in the Monteleone
    would be great choices for an anniversary toast.

    My vote would be Bon Ton over Drago's. Great food, atmosphere, history, etc

    re Tues lunch, casual, dressy, price etc? what are you looking for?

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    1. re: Suzy Wong

      If Acme is crowded theres always Felixs right across the street their competitor. I also recommend the Bon Ton its the oldest cajun restaurant in new orleans. Try the crabmeat au gratin or the crawfish dinner very good. Camellia Grill is right on the st. charles line and that can be quick sometiimes for monday breakfast. Redfish grill over Nola the hickory grilled fish and bbq oysters are great. lunch on tuesday parkway bakery and tavern for poboys might be a good choice. right off the canal street line and you can walk to it from jeff davis parkway. Something fun to do in the quarter is visit the old u.s. mint they have a great jazz and mardi gras collection in there thats nice. At Jackson Square you must walk inside and visit St Louis cathedral its pretty breathtaking.

        1. re: joedontexan

          Another vote for Camelia Grill for b-fast. My favorite!!

      1. On Saturday, I would grab a po boy, although for time constraints, it may be best not to come all the way into the city if you are heading to plantation country. There is an Acme at the airport, but I cannot vouch for it, as I have nver tried it. On Sunday, would probably try Felixs in lieu of Acme. If you happen to go with Acme at the airport, try Mandinas on Sunday (or this would work for Tuesday lunch as well) Italian-Creole food and one of my favorites. On Sunday night, I would try Muriels for romantic atmosphere. NOLA is very loud and open, but still good. Bon Ton over Dragos, hands down. I agree with Sazerac Bar and Carousel Bar for anniversary cocktails, but also consider The Columns Hotel on St. Charles AVel. If it is a nice day, you can sit outside and enjoy the ambiance. There are a lot of great and casual spots Uptown as well that are an easy cab or streetcar ride away. Will you have a car?

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        1. re: ScarlettNola

          Acme at the airport was on par with Felix's, which was good, but not as good as Acme. The oysters at Acme were about twice the size of the Felix oysters, and Felix's had some dirt on them.

          I don't know about NOLA vs. Red Fish, but I would not go back to NOLA. It was ok, nothing bad but nothing special either. I don't even remember what I had (I think it was a garlic-crusted drum, but I'm not positive).

          Have you considered Cochon or Green Goddess? I have not tried Cochon, but it's well regarded (we'll get there one of these trips). Green Goddess was amazing. MILA was very good as well, but that was a few years ago, and I'm not sure about the dress code.

          1. re: Coconuts

            I had looked at Cochon at one point but then had opted for Dragos or Bon Ton over there for some reason I cant entirely recall now to be honest! So many choices, so little time! But, thats exactly the reason I am asking the experts...
            Sunday night we will be in the heart of the FQ so I hadnt thought about going back out to Cochon, Green Goddess is new right? Of course I have touristy guidebooks and I dont think they had much or anything on there yet so I will do some homework and check it out. Thanks!

            1. re: Nikki7280

              Green Goddess is fairly new. The crab sandwich and Cuban are outstanding. I have only been for lunch. The drink menu is insane. I need to get back over there when it is warmer.

        2. I wouldn't recommend Felix's for anything other than standing at the bar for 1/2 shell. Emeril's is far better than either Redfish Grill or NOLA. Less formal and expensive than you'd expect. Food and service are excellent. August is open for lunch, 3 courses $20. It's also nice for a special dinner. Try their tasting menu w/wine pairing.

          1. Thanks so much for the great idea so far, I am taking copious notes! To answer questions posed so far:
            PRICE/DRESS - Tues lunch (whole trip really) price is not an issue, but needs to be business casual at the dressiest as husband doesnt want to pack jacket, etc.
            CAR - We will have a car the first day but will be hitting plantations, staying in Baton Rouge, then swamp tour in the am and return car at noon on Canal a few blocks from our hotel. The rest of the time we will be hoofing it/using a Visitour bus/streetcar pass.

            Now that the Cowboys won last night my husband will be wanting to catch the game while at Acme's for lunch - is this the best place to grab some oysters on the half/lunch while catching the game in the FQ/CBD?

            As I am only a couple months from having our third kiddo we wont be doing a lot of cocktailing/toasting on this trip but I have definitely added the Sazerac Bar and Carousel Lounge on as stops based on so many great recommendations!

            Have crossed off Drago's for Bon Ton (thanks!!) and have Felix's as a plan B to Acme's.

            So at this point I guess I am still trying to figure a Sun night dinner (hearing Emeril's then Red Fish?) and Tues lunch in the FQ...

            Thanks so much!!!

            1. I looked up Camellia Grill and its perfect - just what I was looking for! Great location, right hours, looks like great breakfast choices - thanks so much CHs!

              Almost if I can figure out Sun night dinner and Tues lunch options we will be set and I will do a full report when we get back!

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              1. re: Nikki7280

                Tuesday lunch should be Liuzzas on Bienville take the canal street line to north telemachus get off and walk to it. great locals neighborhood joint you will love it.