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Jan 9, 2010 05:08 PM

Detroit area Hounds time for a roadtrip Awesome find

Hounds time to warm up the cars and drive up to Romeo. A new place has opened a few months back and it is awesome.

It is a little Mexican Taqueria that open in a small building across from the Chevy Dealer. The family owned business started as a Taqueria Truck that worked the area for the past three years. They got this place and moved the operation inside.

A very limited menu and only a handful of tables but the food is Cheap of high quality and is some of the best Mexican food you will find in the area. They have a choice of about 8-10 different meats and serve Tacos, Gringas, Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas and Tortas that is pretty much it.

A very authentic experience,

Taqueria El Michoacano
64075 Van Dyke
Washington 48095

It is closed on Monday

Enjoy and post a reply if you have tried it,


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  1. Interesting ... I'll try it next time I'm headed up to the Thumb.

    Are the "gringas" fajitas? I've sometimes heard Mexicans call them that. It's a Tex-Mex dish, but they're now served in Mexico too.

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    1. re: Jim M

      Not sure on the Gringas will check them next time and report back

      1. re: firestalker

        From Wiki:
        "In Mexican cuisine, a gringa is a flour tortilla with al pastor meat with cheese, heated on the comal and then served with a salsa de chile (chile sauce)."

        1. re: tokyo

          I did try the Gringa and you are spot on Tokyo, Flour Tortilla with choice of meat rolled with cheese and put on the griddle. I liked the Quesadillas a little better but both were good.

    2. This place is most definitely worth a stop.

      The sign is easy to miss; I drove past it the first time I went looking for it. It's across from Heidebreicht Chevrolet and next to the Mobil station, about midway between 29 and 30 Mile rds.

      Tuesdays are 99-cent taco days.

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      1. re: gooddog

        Glad you enjoyed it. The place is a Gem

      2. Went yesterday the Gigantic Tender Pork Quesadillas is incredible. They are also now serving homemade Pork Tamales which were very good.