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Jan 9, 2010 04:59 PM

Best lobster thermidor in the Bay Area

I love lobster thermidor. On occasions I go to Scoma's in San Francisco fisherman's wharf for my favorite dinner treat. For many years going there I think they offer wonderful lobster thermidor from their menu. Lately I think the quality has been going down hill. My last visit there I found the dish was not hot when reaching my table and the cook did not even top the lobster with cheese and broil it.

I am looking for a different restaurant now next time for my lobster thermidor. Anybody has any suggestions?

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  1. That is not such a common dish these days. Here's what Foodiebytes turns up.

    Maybe Tadich's would be the best bet.

    1. If you can wait a little while, there is a restaurant called "Thermidor" being opened by the Spork chef in SOMA.

      1. We were at Canteen last weekend and they had 2 special upcoming dinners.. One was lobster thermidor, but I can't remember when it was. Might be worth giving them a call.

        817 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

        1. Taddich Grill does still serve a very traditional thermidor -- certainly very hot and cheesy.

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            I just had the lobster thermidor at Tadich on Tuesday. It's not all THAT cheesy, but it does have that wonderful broiled sherry cream sauce on it. The sheer quantity of lobster meat was stunning, I had dinner, my mom had leftovers, I made a lobster omelet AND my mom had yet another meal from it. I think there's STILL some left.

            I recommend Tadich for a lobster thermidor fix, for sure.

            1. re: annalulu

              Scoma's goes for $32 for a baked lobster on the half shell and the quantity of meat is kinda stingy . Like I said , the quality of the place is deteriorating and become just a tourist restautant. It seems like Scoma's does not pay attention at customers feedback after owner Al Scoma passed away. The reservation lady especially is not very friendly overthere.

              How much does it go for at Tadich? from your post it sounds very tempting indeed.

              1. re: MaryD

                I had it a few weeks ago, I believe it came in just at 30 bucks and was served with a choice of salad or soup, and then a vegetable and potato as well. Annalulu is right, the meat is extremely generous, so this should make for a better deal than Scoma's!

                On a side note, I actually had the lobster thermidor at canteen that margieco mentioned above, and while it was very very tasty, it was not traditional so may not satisfy your craving.

          2. Crab Landing in Half Moon Bay