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Unusual Eggs Benny? (YYC)

I have discovered a new love for this dish, but particularly in unusual combinations. For example, I tried the one at Cora's with mushrooms and brie, and I thought it was really good. At the Belmont Diner, although I ordered a regular breakfast, I saw a benny on the menu made with crab cakes instead of english muffins, which intrigued me. I'd like to go back and try it someday.

Do any other places do an unusual eggs benny like this? If so, where? I'm not really familiar with too many breakfast spots around here outside of Denny's, Humpty's, and truck stops. TIA!

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  1. AKA in Bridgeland ( pretty much across from Diner Delux) has eggs beeny on house made brioche. Choice of pork belly, house-cured salmon, bacon or sausage. I have only tried teh pork belly and cured salmon ones, they were both well done.

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      Today I ended up at Phil's, and they only have one eggs benny (the classic one), but I found it really good. Now I want to go on a quest for more tasty eggs bennies in Calgary...

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        I know it's not Calgary but if you're ever out in Canmore stop at Chez Francois. They have the best Eggs Benny. So, so YUM!

    2. Although I haven't been to one recently, Ricky's also offered variations on egg bennies.

      Here's a link to that part of their menu:

      1. Was at Moxie's on Sunday, they have eggs benny with scallop and crab cakes, and one with smoked havarti and pancetta bacon.

        Unfortunately, the eggs were cooked throughout, didn't look poached to me, rather looked like they put them in a cup and nuked them. The staff did come back with 2 new eggs, cooked in the same manor but with slightly runnier centers. The experience could vary with different location though.

        1. I find many restaurants don't do Hollandaise well so eggs benny's is something I'm kind of snobby about. Never really enjoyed the Hollandaise at Ricky's or Phil's.

          The one you mention from Belmont's - being served on crab cakes instead of english muffins sounds neat, I'm going to give that a try!

          My favourite eggs benny's are at the following places:
          - The Bison in Banff - they serve the bennies over a biscuit and used to have an amazing one over duck confit. I think they still have 4 different varieties now.

          - Wildwood in Whistler - 3 bennies sampler: one with ham, one with smoked salmon, and one with tomato/avocado

          - Joe's Grill in Vancouver - Eggs Florentine (with spinach)

          Diner Deluxe also has alright bennies: Canadian Bacon, Smoked Salmon, Beef Tenderloin or Veggie

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            Unless they have changed it, Belmonts does a croissant instead of an english muffin, and the crab cakes replace the back bacon. Crab cakes are pretty popular as a fill in for the back bacon, but I really think that the croissant is a horrible idea for Eggs Benny.

            It gets soggy very quickly, and doesnt have the "crisp bite" of the traditional english muffin.

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              Agreed - Galaxy has the same... and now that you've described the one at Belmont I think they are the same. It was quite soggy. I prefer the biscuit version.

          2. Oooh, thanks for the responses! Now I have lots to try. :o)

            1. Avenue Diner on Stephen Avenue does a 'Nonna's Benny', which has a balsamic vinegar reduction, tomato and basil. It's a nice change from the usual veggie ones. Also I love their Hollandaise, it's the same recipe as Diner Deluxe. I wish I knew how they made it.

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                RE: Avenue Diner - it is always nice when the server asks you how you like your eggs bennys and serves them as such! :D

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                  I was amazed at Phil's that I asked for a medium-poached egg...and got a medium-poached egg. That NEVER happens!

              2. Jacqueline Suzanne's in Inglewood has a fairly large Benny selection in their weekend brunch menu: Back Bacon, Florentine, Vegetarian, Bacon/Tomato, Mixed Seafood, a low carb version substituting tomato for the English muffin, and one with smoked salmon served with flying fish caviar.

                1. Wildernest Cafe in Inglewood, in the local off the former Buffalo Cafe, does an eggs benny on salmon cakes that is very nice.

                  I am with you though - HUGE fan of eggs benny that is outside the standard and I don't find Calgary is great for that. If you are every in Victoria, there's an awesome place called Floyd's with at least 10 different kinds of benny.

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                    I knew Buffalo had gone but didn't know anything had opened in its place. Thanks for the heads up Casta - definitely has promise. I was curious about Wildernest and a quick google came up with a Sun blog: http://blog.calsun.canoe.ca/sixinthec...

                    I'm glad to see someone new in there rather than Inglewood getting a Penny Lane place or some such it keeps up the indy-vibe in that neighbourhood. Can't wait to try the Bennys

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                      I must have been at Wildernest Cafe on an off day because we had breakfast there in the early fall, and both my partner and I had really really over cooked eggs !
                      My partner ordered the bennie medium soft and got hard boiled and I ordered soft poached eggs, and was served eggs which looked like they were cooked in a triangle plastic form, and were so over cooked my yoke popped out of the rubbery white, like and eye ball! I was really shocked at the quality, and when we stopped eating and sat in front of our clearly untouched plated for 10 minutes, the waiter finally came by to see what was happening, and rather than apologizing for the obvious oversight in the kitchen, he went on and on about how this was the first complaint, they just had a great review in the paper, he couldn't believe we didn't love everything, then walked away... leaving the plates behind!
                      not ideal customer service.
                      I will say however the decor and the concept is a HUGE step up from the buffalo cafe, and I really loved the french press coffee, but I won't rush back.

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                        Interesting. The waiter was clearly incompetent. This would have to be at least the second complaint that they received, as I had dined there some time ago with my wife (we were regulars at the Buffalo Cafe, and wanted to check out its replacement) and were both disappointed with the eggs. We were told that we were the first people to complain. And from the way we were treated (and you) I expect that the next people to complain will be told the same thing.

                        Other good places for bennies are Big Fish and Eat! Eat!

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                      I just stopped in at that cafe and had an excellent sandwich there. Duck Confit with a bowl of soup.

                    3. Belmont has a Montreal Smoked Meat eggs benny that is pretty good. I find most other spots in Calgary don't have the smoked meat. Jacqueline Suzanne's is always a good choice as well for other variety.

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                        Do they? I saw a Montreal smoked meat omelet (sp?) on the menu there, but I didn't notice a Montreal smoked meat benny. Thanks! Good to know!

                      2. If you ever make it out to Turner Valley, The Chuckwagon does "Flat Iron" Eggs Benny. Medium rare, tender steak on the usual egg and english muffin. Sounds strange, but extremely yummy.


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                          Ha ha! So does the Flying J. I was afraid to order it. Plus they had an ice cream machine at the buffet. Good to know, though, thanks!

                        2. Tommy's Burgers on Macleod Trail does a great eggs benny with a hamburger patty.