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Jan 9, 2010 04:26 PM

sicilian orange salad in the cold weather

Having a dinner party this week (in Atlanta) and it's really cold for us down in the 30s all week during the day. That's colder than usual.
Anyway, I have all these gorgeous honeybell oranges sent to me from my grandmother in Florida.
I found a simple recipe for an orange salad with oil, chili flakes and lots of parsley. With the beautifully fresh oranges this sounds like a good idea to me.

What would work as a main dish (sicilian/italian) to work with this, thinking about the cold weather too?


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    1. re: middydd

      I would make a roasted fish with fennel/capers and serve olives with the orange salad and crusty bread one of my favorite meals anytime of the year..

    2. Yum on the salad idea! It sounds delicious.

      Maybe a hearty pasta dish with sausage and some kind of green?

      1. I would make an orange and sliced fennel salad, maybe with the addition of some mint leaves. And I would make braciole for the entree, sauteed brocolli raab for the green vegetable if you want one, and polenta with cheese. (Polenta may be more typical of northern Italian cooking--I'm not sure about that. So if you want pasta instead, I'd go with pumpkin filled ravioli.)