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Jan 9, 2010 04:12 PM

Ricky P's Po Boys St. Pete -- Any good?

I came across the Web site for this New Orleans-style Po Boy shop in St. Pete. Has anyone been? If so, any good? I understand they offer a traditional shrimp po boy, as well as cochon de lait and red beans and rice. I live in Tampa, so I'm wondering if it's worth the drive across the bay. Thanks!

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  1. I have heard good things but they are closed weekends and before I can get there after work. So, I don't really know.

    If you venture, please be sure to report back!

    *edit* it looks like they might be open Saturdays from 11-3 (I recall them being closed since they are at the Saturday Morning Market).

    1. Just had lunch from there on Saturday...great "Ferdi" po'boy and their cochon au lait was the best I've had outside of the Jazz & Heritage Fest. Their seafood gumbo is terrific, too and their bread pudding is super addictive. Avoid the lackluster sides (potato salad/cole slaw...just "eh") but the rest is top notch.

      1. I had lunch there last week. The red beans and rice and bread pudding. Both were up to New Orleans taste standards. I brought a muff home with me. It was as good as one from Central Grocery. If he had the Central Grocery bread, he would have it dead on. My wife had the shrimp po-boy and found it to be as good as one from Parkway Bakery. I even worn my Hubig Pie sweatshirt to add to the event! We going back today for lunch.

        1. I stopped in there today after passing by time after time. Actually, it is kind of easy to miss if you are not looking. Never-less, the parking lot was completely full and I had to park on the side. Good sign. Walking in, the place was packed. Good sign. I order the soup 1/2 sandwich combo for $7.99, letting the extremely friendly hostess choose which po boy and soup I get. While waiting, I could not help to notice a few things - very clean restaurant, no seating available (it was full!), and a line out the door. All pretty strong indicators of a true hidden gem Mom n' Pop spot! But what really caught my attention was the degree of friendliness and attention to service provided by the staff. They really make you feel at home and as testament the entire place had a certain "Cheers" feel to it. Most of the people - those eating included - seemed to know each other and this created a very warm atmosphere. When I got my food, it was hot (very) and FANTASTIC. Excellent excellent. I told them that in February I was in New Orleans compared to the Po's I had there, this had them beat solid. The gumbo was excellent, very "full" (not all water), and had a flavor I can only describe as the perfect example of Gumbo. Bottom line, the food was excellent! For a PO boy like me, $8 (plus small tip) is allot to drop on lunch but to be honest I could not finish it all. I would say that if you walk out of there hungry (or not stuffed) you probably have a weight problem. On a 10-scale they get all 10's except price where they get an 8. Highly recommended, I will be back.

          1. Po- Boys are good but they use Publix bread which is a bummer. Gumbo, red beans and some of the other specials are not seasoned well but then again he's cooking for St Pete. Prices are good and it's a very small little place. It's better then Cajun Cafe on the Bayou by a long shot.