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Jan 9, 2010 03:12 PM

MacWrap - What do you think?

Finally tried the MacWrap today (Puyallup, WA) after having read about it for the last year or two (Japan, Canada).

First, I realize now that I was much hungrier than anything the MacWrap could have handled sufficely, that was my mistake. I would definitely try it again, when I wasn't verge of hangry.
Even though my local franchise offered two for $2.49, I went with a single for $1.49.

That being said, the single (regular hamburger size) burger patty was nestled on an American cheese slice, laid out in a flour tortilla, squirted down with Mac sauce, sprinkled with shredded lettuce, and folded up like burrito (ala their other wraps) and wrapped in a kind of natural (beige) colored wrap paper I had not seen before.

Presentation was good, but I gotta say the flour tortilla just doesn't do it for me. There is something unpleasantly moist about McD tortillas that someone on another topic akined to
human skin. I don't know if they forgot the onions and pickle, but this wrap lacked both, and I missed them for a true Big Mac flavor. Honestly, I may try them one more time, at a different franchise, to see if this was a glitch.

Full Disclosure: I love, love, love a Big Mac when made well. All too often recently I they are not hot enough (all problem with McD burgers in my neighborhood), the bun tastes stale (weird because the bakery is in the next town over, about five miles), and there is either too
much or too little sauce. But when done right, a Big Mac satisfies my like no other...

Other Opinions? Are they supposed to have onions and pickle?

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  1. dop they come in more than one size? i just thought they come in one site.

    1. gonna start by saying i love the Big Mac.

      the Mac Wrap was nasty and weird and unpleasant. seeing the patty cut up like that is unappetizing and the tortilla is blah.

      1. I ate at McD's the other day. A friend owns one and asked me to stop by and critique their recent remodel. I had been craving McD's after reading two Sue Grafton books, lately.

        Went and while eating my quarter pounder with cheese (that was terribly disappointing) I read on the bag about the "wrap". I had surmised that this was a new item specific to Phoenix as we have a large Hispanic population and perhaps they were offering the wrap to entice our neighbors that are more familiar with a burrito. But no. You've shown me that my take on the product was off base. I have not tried the wrap specifically, but I don't find it enticing. A burger in a tortilla?