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Jan 9, 2010 02:07 PM

Norristown/KofP-close to turnpike

need a rec for someplace to meet co-workers for a nice lunch (not fast food) that is very close to the PA turnpike, anywhere from Norristown to King of Prussia exits. We have varying tastes, probably the only option that is out is someplace that is exclusively sushi.
Fall back option is someplace like Cheesecake Factory at KofP mall, but hoping there's something else you can recommend in a convenient location. Maybe brew pub with good food?

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  1. Only place that is a brewpub in that area is Rock Bottom Brewery in the KOP mall. The food is mediocre. Other chain options there are California Cafe (in the mall). California Pizza Kitchen, Legal Seafood, Cheesecake Factory Kildares Fox and Hound, champs etc. AKA Chain alley.

    For a low key locally owned place I might suggest Capones, a great beer bar in East Norriton. Good burgers, soups, sandwiches.

    In Plymouth Meeting you have a PF Changs, Redstone Grill are at the Plymouth Meeting Mall. Across the street is a Houlihans.

    You have several options in cohshocken that others may be able to speak of better.

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      I'll give a big second to Capone's. Really good bar food, nice beer selection. Just the place for a "co-worker's" get together! It's my favorite burger joint in Montco.

    2. Plaza Azteca is a good Mexican place right off the PM/Norristown exit of the turnpike.

      1. Another great beer bar with good food in TJ's Everyday in Paoli

        1. For non-chain option, you might try Creed's in KofP, not far from the Radisson. We have had several good lunches at Creed's but it has been over a year since we have stopped there.

          1. The guys decided they wanted to meet at Kildare's Irish Pub in KofP, they are more interested in beer than food and the location is convenient.