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Jan 9, 2010 01:29 PM

LA Food Itinerary - appreciate any thoughts

We're heading to LA from the Bay Area and whittling down our restaurant list. I used to be a lot more up on the new openings, but haven't been there socially in awhile. Short list below and appreciate any thoughts:

New ones we want to try: Kogi, Rivera, The Bazaar

Old favorites: Campanile, Mozza (likely the Pizzeria not the Osteria), Cut and Chateau Marmont.

We will likely on have four nights so any new "must try" not on our list and if you had to pick only one or two from our "old favorites" which would it be?


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  1. New: Animal
    Old: P. Mozza

    1. Go to Rivera, but for drinks only (prepare to wait a bit for your libations).

      Try Church & State (noisy but good food).

      Make sure you know the Kogi truck's location. Instead of Kogi, you can opt to go to The Alibi Room for the same food, without the wait.

      Chateau Marmont is great for people watching.

      1. You might try Gjelina in Venice. Really good food.

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        1. New: Don't miss Church & State. It's downtown in the middle of nowhere but the food is terrific! One of our major foodie critics recommends that everyone should eat there as often as possible. Think it was Jonathan Gold. I've been with groups twice, all foodies and we were all blown away by how good everything is.

          Old: Cut, because it's just fabulous on every level. Including, of course the mind blowing bill.

          1. The Tasting Kitchen in Venice is getting an awful lot of buzz about exceptional food. I haven't been yet, but it's next on my list.