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Jan 9, 2010 01:09 PM

Calgary Sushi

I'm heading to Calgary soon and would love to be able to find a really good sushi establishment. Can somebody make a recommend ? Thanks

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  1. Wa's is very good. It is just off 16th Ave and Center Street N.

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    1. re: lobo1

      I definitely recommend Wa's as well. They are very authentic and are owned/run by Japanese.

    2. Where to find good sushi in Calgary has been discussed and debted several times. These are two of the more recent threads:

      My personal favorite is Globefish, there are two locations, one in Marda Loop(SW) and one in Hillhurst(NW).


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        thank you for the links.....your right...its being a subject of conversation before....but now I do have a place to try...cheers !!!!

      2. Wa's or El's in Mardaloop.

        Or I like Shibuya for more izakaya type of establishment

        1. Hey Stuke,

          IMHO, the best sushi in Calgary is Sushi Club. Wa is pretty good. Globefish is decent (but you are paying for the atmosphere). Shibuya is average at best (but they are open late, assuming you can find parking).

          What I like most about Sushi Club is that you'll have a chance to hit some exotic fish that you will normally not find at most other sushi restaurant. However, here's the catch, they get their imported fish on Wednesday and their domestic fish on Thursday. So if you go on a Friday (or the weekend), the best fish are usually gone. There are two dishes that I feel is an absolute treat at Sushi Club. The first one (assuming they have the sauce) is their Tuna Tataki. Amazing. The second one, is what I called a horizontal tasting of salmon. Most sushi restaurant serves only Atlantic Salmon. At sushi club, you can sample Coho, Sockeye, and Atlantic. Its amazing the difference in taste.

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          1. re: ilikebigmactoo

            I definitely have bounced around a lot but actually like Sushi Hibiki in Bridgeland the best. I have always been impressed with the quality of food there.

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              ilikebigmactoo, Thanks for the recommend . I tried Sushi Club tonight - long day at work and didn't feel like cooking... VERY fresh! You're bang on about the shipment. They had a variety of fresh items tonight - Coho Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Uni, Wild Aji, and Aka Maguro. I had the first three listed here along with Toro. I find Uni and Toro tend to be tests of freshness and was probably the best uni I've had since moving to Cowtown 7 yrs ago.

              The chef also had a special Hawaiian roll tonight with tempura yam, tempura ebi, wrapped with avocado, mango, cream cheese, and coconut milk. Very unique - only other place I've had something similar with mango and coconut milk was in Victoria and Nanaimo.

              On top of all that, the service was impeccable from the server and the sushi chefs (I sat at the sushi bar).

              So now my recommendations change a bit (to be more specific):
              For sashimi and more raw fishes - definitely Sushi Club
              For big variety of rolls - El's
              For izakaya type food (i.e. beef tataki, tempura lotus root) - Shibuya

              Still enjoy Wa's for the traditional fare and their tempura avocado.

            2. I love Sushi Kawa on 4th Street SW (Mission). I would think I've been there 100 times (no joke) and never a bad experience.

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              1. re: MixedGrill

                Ya know, I think I have to give Kawa another chance. Back in the day- say, 2001- when I used to just order the special combo everywhere and get stuff that I know, now, I never liked (surf clam, tako, salmon, california rolls) I declared it poor. Now that I know my way around a sushi menu I think I should try it again.

                1. re: MixedGrill

                  I'm not a big fan of Sushi Kawa. I find their sushi very very average but they charge a huge markup. There's far better sushi restaurant at the price Kawa charges.