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Jan 9, 2010 12:31 PM

Lazy Dog Cafe in Valencia?

Tried searching on CH (both L.A. and Chains Boards) for reviews of this local mini-chain but didn't find any. Meeting friends here tonight and wondering if it is as awful as their very chainy menu looks to me?

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  1. I went recently. I had the portobello wrap and fries (I'm mostly vegan at the moment) and it was good. Not bad for a "chainy" place. I thought the alcoholic selections were actually reasonably priced. (then again, I go to a lot of places that serve "artisan" cocktails, so...)

    Be warned, there may be a long wait because it's new and when I was there they said they weren't taking reservations yet (granted, we went the Sunday before Christmas, but still - we had to wait for almost an hour)

    1. I like their Lamb Shanks and Hawaiian pok'e appetizer...