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I'm Looking for a Place that Does what Sushi Taro Used to do

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Does anyone have a suggestion for a sushi place that does straight forward sushi with the quality and variety of the pre-renovation Sushi Taro?

Kaz is okay, but it's just not my thing. Their straight sushi menu is pretty limited and I just wasn't connecting with the Tuna/Pesto or the Sushi Mango thing. I just want fish, wasabi and rice, at the highest level possible. Any recommendation in Virgina, or the District, is welcome.

Thanks everyone.

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  1. Kotobuki is cheap and good. Sushi at Tako Grill is pretty darned good (but we are known by the owner and the sushi guys so that might help} but expensive, especially with good sake added.

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      I second the Kotobuki recommendation. It is priced like old Sushi Taro and the quality is very good. They are a no-frills place though and quite small, so best on a weeknight.

    2. If you know of an Izakaya like what Sushi Taro used to be, please let me know.
      Thank you.

      1. I'd love to find a restaurant in DC as good as the old Sushi Taro. It was a huge loss. Even if you ignore the higher prices, the new Sushi Taro is far inferior. The sushi is just not as good.

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          I did the whole sushi counter/omakasse thing at sushi taro, and the quality of the sushi is not terrible - it's freaking amazing. It's even better than what they had before. But at the sushi counter it's laid out in front of you and you get to point to and have whatever you want.

          The problem with the new sushi taro is the menu for the rest of the restaurant.

          Also, the seared fatty tuna I had at the sushi counter at sushi taro is one of the best things I have ever eaten in my entire life. I had the same at Kushi a couple of weeks ago, and it was meh. The Japanese mackeral was meh. The izakaya dishes were, however, really good.

        2. So far, Kushi for Izakaya is okay. The place is more touristy and superficial, the price is higher but you can find some similar foods if you miss those Izakaya type foods. I found sashimi similar to my favorite ( S.T. sashimi C - never was enthused with S.T. Omakase) at similar price, quality and quantity to old Sushi Taro at Sushi King in Columbia. That was an excellent Sashimi meal that I have not had again after old S.T., even after checking out all the DC and many NY places. I had an excellent meal at Sushi King last week and will go back again this weekend.

          Sushi Taro
          1503 17th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036

          Sushi King
          6490 Dobbin Rd Ste F, Columbia, MD 21045

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            I ate at Kushi recently. It was good. Not as good as old Sushi Taro, but solid. I still think Kaz is the best post-Sushi Taro substitute, but really nothing comes close. What a huge loss. New Sushi Taro is terrible.

          2. Believe it or not, Sushi Taro is making its way back to its old menu...price is a bit higher than before. But you gotta admit it, the old price was so ridiculously low that we ordered everything we could possibly fit in our stomachs every weekend. The new price and menu is more in-line with the metro DC price and your regular upscale dinning place. They are now offering rolls, nigiri by the piece, the old sashimi combos, and a wide selection of individual dishes. Guess they must have realized that diners get tired of the same three menus real fast.

            Overall, the price for a typical "order until you are happy" meal for us wore the same between the new Sushi Taro and Kushi. Obviously sushi Taro has a more comfortable and less noisy atmosphere. The only catch is minimum order per person is $30. So they are still pricing many frugal college kids out (and hopefully the noise.) So if you havn't gone to Sushi Taro in the last month, maybe at least check out their new menu.

            Sushi Taro
            1503 17th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036

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              Has it changed much in the last month? I haven't been in the last month but I have seen the menu gravitating back to lots of individual options. However, I don't think the food is as good. Maybe they switched vendors or something. Even the stuff they claim is fresh daily from Japan hasn't wowed me. I think old Sushi Taro was better -- not just for the selection and prices, but for the quality. I'll gladly pay new Sushi Taro prices but I want the old quality back.

              1. re: masonuc

                I want the all-you-can-eat sushi for the cherry blossom festival back :)

              2. re: cfoodie

                Looked at it online -- I'm still hoping for the pork katsu bento box :) But at least there's katsudon. I'll say again, if anyone has reservations that they want to give up for RW here, I'll take them :)