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Jan 9, 2010 12:24 PM

Bar/Club advice.

Traveling with a friend to NYC later this month. She will be celebrating her birthday while there. We have a reservation at Babbo for dinner. Need some ideas where to go afterward. The catch is,I'm 48,& the birthday girl is 33. Are there any bars or clubs we can go to where I wont feel like everyone's mother? I'm not the hippest person in the world,but I'm not dull either. Any part of Manhattan is fine.

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  1. Little Branch is a very nice bar and it's not too far from Babbo.

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    1. re: KTinNYC

      really depends on what kind of action you're looking for. walking distance a bit west of you are a couple good bars. Wilfie & Nell is a good spot and won't be super young, it's kind of an older Gossip Girl crowd without the trust funds. Kettle of Fish is another good bar, totally nothing special though. Darts, beer and Ms. Pacman. Low-key, upstate feeling bar. And you can always go to the bar upstairs at Spotted Pig or grab a drink further west at Rusty Knot.

        1. re: pastrygoddess

          When I've been to Wilfie and Nell recently it has been packed and a pretty young crowd i.e. my age (26) and younger. I kind of feel similarly about Rusty Knot and Kettle of Fish but that's just my opinion. Little Branch is a fantastic idea (one of my favorites in the city) though be prepared to wait outside in the cold if you arrive after 10, though it's worth it. I would add Employees Only, Dublin and White Horse Tavern. Those are my go-to's for when people request a more mature crowd. But they're still fun and lively.

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            Agree that Little Branch is very cool. But, it does involve waiting on a line outside, as well as $15 cocktails (cash only). The cocktails are excellently made and the atmosphere is nice. If you want to be able to sit at a table, be prepared to wait while standing inside (after you get let in that is...)

      1. Pegu Club is my favorite place for cocktails.Excellent drinks and service and the customers fall into a wide age range.It's on West Houston,so not very far from Babbo.Maybe a 10 minute walk at most.