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Jan 9, 2010 11:35 AM

Corinth, MS Mediterranean Food

I know Corinth, MS is the last place in the world you would expect to find decent Mediterranean food, but you might want to check out J.T.'s the next time you're in the area. It's on the south side of US72 next door to Arby's and across the street from MacDonalds in a little 2 room building with a big porch across the front. It's just take out unless you sit on the steps of their porch or out in your car. The owner (I assume he's the one and only JT) is always there and will be glad to walk you through the menu if you aren't familiar with some of the dishes. Kabobs, falafels, gyros with side orders of tsaziki or hummus....all good and all made fresh to order. He also does a little basic American fare.....poboys, burgers, etc.. After my first trip there, I got a menu and would call ahead when I knew I would be passing through the area....I called so often he started to recognize my phone number and answer the phone "Is this my friends from Alabama?" My sales territory has changed so I haven't had the chance to go by in the last few months....I'd like to think he's still hanging in there...he only opened back in early 2009. Check it out if you get a chance!

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