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HELP!!! B-day vegetarian dinner

I'm wracking my brains for a good spot to take my adult vegetarian daughter for her b-day dinner tomorrow. Oleana is fully booked. Only other place I can think of with more than one veggie option is Helmand. Italian is okay, but "not boring red-sauce, Mom..." and no Japanese.

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  1. How about Craigie On Main for their Chef's Whim? They always offer a vegetarian version and it is generally fantastic.

    1. Grezzo in the North End is a very nice raw/vegan restaurant.

      1. Ten Tables has a good vegetarian tasting option, very reasonably priced. You may both need to order it though, but as a non-veggie myself I would highly recommend it. In fact, of the times we've been to Ten Tables, I think we agreed the veggie tasting option was the best meal we had.

        1. Hope you read this is time...

          Grezzo (raw, vegan) grezzorestaurant.com,
          Veggie Planet (Harvard Square) www.veggieplanet.net
          Martsa on Elm (Tibetan in Davis Square) http://www.menulizard.com/restaurant/...
          Asmara (Eritrean/Ethiopian in Central Square) asmararestaurantboston.com
          Elephant Walk (Cambodian/French with locations in Porter Square, Waltham, and Boston) www.elephantwalk.com.

          If you want to go farther afield there's Life Alive in Lowell
          or Organic Garden Cafe in Beverly.

          1. UpStairs on the Square is celebration-dinner worthy, and is generally good to vegetarians/vegans. Myers & Chang is more casual and fun, and always has an excellent, big slate of options for vegetarians.


            1. Thanks to you all. We ended up at Helmand - good food,fun atmosphere, awful service. The birthday girl was happy and that was my goal.

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                For the future: the veggie platter of the day at the East Coast Grill is always fabulous. Not suggested for your request 'cause I think they were having "hell night" that night.

              2. A little late, but adding on to the list for others:

                VeeVee in JP. Half their menu is vegetarian and the other half is fish.

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                  Though it is worth noting that Vee Vee is not averse to the occasional pork dish.

                  Also, Rendezvous in Central Square always has an imaginative, non-insulting array of apps and entrees for vegetarians, like their veggie antipasto.