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Jan 9, 2010 11:04 AM

Interesting Italian (not old school) in Glendale / Los Feliz Area?

That's what I'm looking for tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. Not worried about price. Won't be drinking wine.


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  1. Pretty much every single notable Italian restaurant in Glendale (and environs) is probably old school. Far Niente (if it's still in operation) is probably as cutting edge as you'll get.

    If you are willing to stray from Italian, consider Palate.

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      And if you're willing to stray from Glendale, consider Celestino ( ), where you can choose from many well-known classic Italian dishes, plus, e.g., swordfish carpaccio with orange and fennel salad, risotto with roasted pheasant and morels, roast rabbit with black olive sauce, .... It's not old-school dead-and-red Italian-American. Also, excellent professional service in a very friendly dining room.

      141 South Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

      1. re: Harry Nile

        Thanks, Harry. We're willing to stray, but only in the opposite direction than Pasadena. Sounds good, though!

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        Thanks, ipsedixit. Unfortunately, neither Far Niente nor the restaurant portion of Palate are open until 5pm on Sundays.

      3. Little Dom's might fit the bill. It's certainly not old school, but a good local restaurant with a fun vibe and good staff that has very solid food.
        I haven't been to Capricio for a while....on Vermont. Its atmosphere really isn't old school, but the menu used to be mostly "standards." And you could, of course, heada downtown and hit Drago Centro or Bottega Louie.

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          A very strong second to Little Dom's. Il Capriccio on Vermont, I'm sorry to say, has gone downhill.

        2. The best in the neighborhood is Domenico's on Silver Lake Blvd.

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            I second Little Dom's and Domenico's, both are fantastic in service and food. I just went to Bottega Louie this weekend (for the third time) and had the most disappointing experience, I can't recommend it at all. Food was unremarkable and under-seasoned, service was deplorable (the host, William, actually rolled his eyes and snapped at me when I asked if he had any idea how much longer our table would be, and this was after waiting for 45 minutes) and our server forgot our wine, twice, and the pizza (which took almost an hour) came out burnt to a crisp. All in all, don't bother...

          2. love domenicos! little doms, not impressed with. probably b/c everything we ordered was deep fried. wish i'd known that before ordering, oh well.

            1. Too late for this Sunday but just to complete the list, Canele in nearby Atwater probably merits consideration. Many favorable Chowhound mentions. My own luck wasn't the greatest but would give it another shot. My first choice though would be the old stalwart Farfalla. I think the food is more consistantly good than other places mentioned in this thread and I've always found the service friendly and professional.