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Joey's Smokin BBQ Manhattan Beach

Has anyone been to Joey's Smokin' BBQ in Manhattan Beach? an inquiring Memphis transplant wants to know...

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  1. For some really good BBQ in the area try Big Mista at the El Segundo farmers market on Thursdays from 3pm-7pm. They have some of the best brisket I've ever had out side of Austin.

    1. About a year ago I stopped by the one in Carlsbad. The food was edible, but, for the life of me, I can't remember much else about it.

      If you're in the Manhattan Beach area, try Big Mista ( http://bigmista.com/ ) on Thursdays at the El Segundo Farmers Market. (Search this board for all the reasons why.) Then, for an excellent dessert, drive down PCH a few miles to Glacier Ice Cream in MB ( http://www.glacierhomemadeicecream.co... ). Two scoops of coffee ice cream in a homemade waffle bowl is a perfect ending to a great BBQ meal.

      Glacier Ice Cream & Gelato
      1605 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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        Really looking for pork not beef - being from Memphis and seeing that someone has Memphis style bbq on the menu made me curious but it's never the same - Baby Blues is pretty good, but dont care for their sides - think the best bbq pork ribs I have found so far are at Uncle Andre's in Studio City which also has great sweet potato pie - any suggestions for pulled pork and ribs Memphis style would be appreciated - not necessarily in the El Segundo - Manhattan Beach area

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          The pulled pork at Big Mista is great.

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            As are the ribs at Big Mista. Again, search for details.

            If you ever get down Anaheim way, Blake's pulled pork is unusual and delicious to my taste. It might seem strange to a Memphian -- very firm, covered in a sweetish Alabama-style sauce -- but if you like Corky's chopped pork you should like Blake's pulled pork, because of the sauce and the burnt ends. Blake's ribs are also very good but not in the same universe as Big Mista's.

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            Joey's pulled pork is pretty good, but the ribs are not good at all.

        2. joey's is on the bad side of terrible. the baby back ribs are not even smoked, much less trimmed of fat and gristle. the sauce is mostly high fructose corn syrup.

          i recommend bigmista with one reservation: he caters to affluent suburbanites who otherwise can't get decent barbecue nearby. consequently, he makes his barbecue very soft and imo overcooked. i suppose this up to your taste, but i think barbecue should have a modicum of meaty firmness to it. other than that, bigmista is quite good. actually, i went there last week and had a good meal. =)*

          your closest decent option is big john's cafe. they make pretty good baby backs, well smoked, but glazed with a sauce that is too sweet for me.

          *minor downside is you can only get it during farmer's market.

          1. Its pretty terrible. Very "fast food/prepared" vibe to the food. BBQ was very forgettable, about what you would expect for a BBQ restaurant in a mini-mall parking lot in Manhattan Beach.

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              Good to see you posting again, xericx

            2. Only thing I enjoyed was the potato salad. Everything else sucked, including the price.

              Luke Walton should have invested in a TGIF because the one in Chino didn't even last a year.

              1. Have you tried Pinky's in Hermosa? It's very good. The owner is super friendly, and has even offered to let us bring in fish that he will out in the smoker for us. If you go, please let me know your opinion.


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                  Thanks for the tip on Pinkie's, we've driven by many times and have thought about checking it out. Is this mostly a take-out place?

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                    You can dine in. And they have some nice brews on tap. I haven't tried the ribs, but the brisket is really tasty and tender. The chicken is very flavorful. And I'm looking forward to trying the salmon on my next visit. I didn't love the coleslaw or the corn bread, but the bbq beans are really smokey and sweet and good. I think it's worth a try. The portions are good for the price too.

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                    pinkie's is a dine-in bbq joint. i drive by pinkie's everyday, but i only went once on account of some below average baby backs.

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                      We were craving Big Mista's bbq this weekend but didn't make it to the farmer's market. So we decided to finally give Pinky's a try. We really wanted to like it, but found the food very disappointing. The ribs were quite strange...not bad, but not what you expect when you eat ribs. They reminded us of ham. The brisket was flavorless and too dry. It was improved by the bbq sauce, but the sauce needed some spice, it was too close to ketchup for us. The mac-n-cheese was mush, and not very flavorful. The cornbread stick was super dry and basically tasted like nothing. On the plus side: The hushpuppies were too greasy and heavy, but by virtue of being hushpuppies they were still good. :) The baked beans were excellent, as were the sweet potato chips. Service was very good, but it didn't make up for the food. Although we live 5 min away, I wouldn't go back.

                      Pinkies BBQ
                      502 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

                    2. I lived in Memphis for quite a few years and I knew Jim Neely in the late 1970s and early 1980s when he had a grocery store in a very tough neighborhood on S.Third Street and I had the kind of job that kept me in neightborhoods like that. What has this got to do with barbecue in southern Calfornia? Well, Jim made some really awesome barbecue, especially his pulled pork sandwich. Since Jim was originally from LA, about 25 years ago he helped his sister open a barbecue joint in Gardena, Jay Bee's. Jay Bee's is not someplace to go for atmosphere. I am sorry to say that the service is not so good either. And, the food is not consistent in quality. However, with those caveats in mind, for an authentic Memphis pulled pork sandwich, or some Memphis style ribs, Jay Bee's is the real deal. And on those days when they have their act together, the pulled pork sandwich would hold its own in Memphis. It's a hit-or-miss kind of deal.

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                        well said. i completely agree, except the cashiers have always been nice when i've gone.

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                          I'm hardly the bbq expert, but I ate in JR's on LaCienega, near the fork in the road splitting off Fairfax. According to their blurb in the restaurant it's Memphis style so the OP might want to check them out. It was pretty tasty (I got the brisket) with 2 sides (baked beans and cole slaw). I thought the sauce was a little too sweet (got the medium as the owner said the hot was "really hot"), The beans were tasty and the slaw was very fresh even though it was a half hour before closing. http://jrs-bbq.com/page1.htm