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Jan 9, 2010 10:47 AM

2nd of 2 dinners in MSP

hello all -

would be grateful for a healthy helping, hopefully with some consensus, regarding selecting where to have dinner in MSP/StP the 2nd of two nights.

we'll be there for a weekend (you'll see my post regarding this same trip a few years ago) - will be in town purely for family conviviality and food.

the 2nd night's dinner will definitely be at Alma. done deal. best for last.

the first big hurdle is Friday dinner. simply put, what would be the runner-up best MSP restaurant for dinner? consider this a "going to MSP simply to eat & eat well" question.

Saturday's lunch presents an opportunity for almost-as-goods.... or generally enjoyable, ie 112, or even Saffron or any other rec as we'll be walkable distance and downtown. Sunday brunch also presents another opportunity, now that i think about it....

much obliged in advance - and already hungry,

ps: if it's helpful, Meritage, Heartland, & Craftsman have been in my bookmarks list for some time as a result of reading these boards.

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  1. The pork belly and fried oyster sliders at Sea Change make for a great lunch with a glass of wine.

    1. Saffron and 112 don't open untill 5pm so lunch is out. Was just at Saffron for the New Years Eve 5 course tasting and it was great. I would head there on Friday night.

      1. My vote is for Heartland for your Friday dinner, Vincent or Sea Change for Saturday lunch, Craftsman for Sunday brunch.

        1. I would not dissuade you from Heartland, but my experience at Heidi's last month was extraordinary at every level. That place has really upped its game.

          As for lunch, Bewiched is sorta walkable from downtown, and well worth a visit on Saturday. Would you consider taking light rail? If so, Town Talk Diner is eating well in MSP.

          1. Everyone's so helpful! Much gratitude.

            A few comments re: suggestions up to this point:

            Vincent is closed for lunch, but for weekdays;

            I didn't see the items mentioned for Sea Change on the lunch (or dinner) menu - the place looks lovely, but I've seen mixed comments on the board as of late.... anyone been very recently?;

            We'll get in a cab and go wherever - that's not a problem. But perhaps lunch in StP would be more problematic and disruptive to being able to do a variety of Mpls things;

            Interesting to see Heidi's mentioned - hadn't thought of that. Also have Lucia's bookmarked, and have seen some happy comments of late.

            One additional note - I'm a vegetarian, other in party is not (you'll see a bit more about that in my first MSP post two years ago). I don't choose a place based upon that, tho. Find that a great restaurant is a great restaurant is a great restaurant. That being said, the Heartland menu looked a bit uninspiring to me. Saffron looks delish - and is walkable from the Graves where we stay. We enjoyed 112 very much last time.