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Jan 9, 2010 09:34 AM


Hi. Do you know if it's possible to get Mangoteens in NYC at all, and if so where, and whether it's possible to get them this time of year? I have a very special 74th Birthday request that I'm trying to accommodate. Thanks!

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  1. Mangosteens? Weren't they the family whose son did a wonderful job at his Bar Mitzvah? Seriously, I'm not sure but I heard that you can get them in Chinatown.

    1. you can get them in chinatown if you look hard enough. a bag of 10 is about $8.

      1. Fresh mangosteens are available in Chinatown at certain times of the year -- I think summer is the season -- and I saw some for sale as late as October, which the vendor (on Grand, a few blocks west of the subway station) claimed were fresh, not frozen. I have not personally seen fresh ones more recently than that, though. I know that some have seen them out as early as February (Miss Needle reported a February sighting at the fruit stand next to Pho Tu Do a few years ago). Would frozen mangosteens do the trick? The flavor can be slightly bitter, unfortunately. Alternately, lots of markets also sell canned or jarred mangosteen.

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          the canned mangosteens are generally terrible. i would avoid buying this product if at all possible. if fresh isn't available, Trader Joes has freeze-dried pieces that maintain the flavor quite nicely, although the texture is a bit chalky.

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            Did you do a search, cimui? If not, I have to say you have an amazing memory! : )

            Almcq, I was in Chinatown yesterday and did not see them. But I haven't checked out all of the shops. Unfortunately, I do think the chances of running into them are a bit difficult at this time of the year. But I hope you can prove me wrong and fulfill the birthday request. Mangosteens can be so wonderful.

            1. re: Miss Needle

              Hah, no, I'm actually almost completely senile. I just remember you posting about finding fresh mangosteen in the winter a while back, but I had to do a search to see which month it was, exactly. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt, though!

              I walked around Chinatown -- mostly the eastern portions -- quite a lot, today, and didn't see any for sale, unfortunately.

              coasts! What a great tip re: mangosteen at Trader Joe's! I had no idea they carried freeze dried mangosteen and will certainly look for it.