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Jan 9, 2010 09:16 AM

Belated Christmas Poem on Marc Burger's Frozen Custard at Macy's Signature Kitchen - Costa Mesa (with PHOTOS)


Every who*
Was at South Coast Plaza,
Christmas rush in full swing.

So too
Was us,
Doing ever the same thing.

We aimlessly wandered from store to store, building up quite a thirst.
We still had lots to do, but we said, "Let's get a drink first."
The closest thing was Macy's Signature Kitchen at the time.
It would do, we said; her for a cola, and I, lemon lime.
But it was on the Marc Burger menu that I found a much better treat.
So we settled on free water; our calories, we would eat.

Now, Marc Burger is usually known for its beef, buns and mustard,
But from here on out, I'll know it for its custard!
Again this wasn't ice cream, not frogurt, or soft serve.
But it is frozen like them all; softly piped tall to a curve.
It reminds me of the smoothest French-style vanilla that I've eaten,
Into which the yolk of a hen's egg must be beaten.

The color is a dull, creamy yellow, like unburnt creme brulees.
It's also just as rich, ideal then, for sharing two-ways.
Its creaminess blooms in the mouth with a fullness of flavor.
The vanilla slowly melting, every drop precious, to sip and to savor.
You don't often see frozen custard like this, not around here.
It's the egg, you see, it's the salmonella they fear.

For the dessert, two twenty five is charged, a fair meager fee;
The cheapest thing on the menu, and the last thing you'll see.
So after our treat, we were happy and continued on shopping.
Oh by the way, the dessert is served sans any topping.
It's better that way, pristinely calming and all.
Now if only I could say the same for the mall.

Macy's Signature Kitchen
Macy's Home Storeā€Ž
3333 Bear St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 708-3333

*With apologies to Dr. Seuss


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  1. No apologies necessary, BRAVO on your poem! My only question is, how are the burgers? My lady has never been to S. Coast Plaza and I need more than frozen custard before I can handle the mall experience!

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    1. re: sel

      I liked the burgers quite a bit. Here's what I wrote about them before:

      "And in its textbook-thick, loosely-packed patty that was cooked to the correct shade of rosy, I found one of the juiciest burgers I've ever had. All of the components worked. The Swiss was melted properly. The lettuce was fancy. The tomatoes were perky. And the onions were shaved thin. But best of all, the bun was toasted to a lovely crunch with lots of butter -- so much that you can taste it seeping out of the bread.

      There's even homemade pickles, sliced like typical dills, but with more of a sophisticated bent of the Japanese kind -- subtle and sweet.

      The fries, however, were strange. They were porous, without the crisp skin you associate with deep-fried food. I would've suspected they were baked if I didn't see the cooks frying them myself. Luckily, the mound was blasted with granules of fried garlic and herbs, rescuing it from mediocrity."

      And pictures!

      1. re: elmomonster

        Thanks elmomonster! I'm going to have to slog down south to explore this trifecta celeb chef enterprise!

    2. Wow. I've had that frozen custard before and it sure didn't warrant a poem in my opinion. It was OK. Not even coming close to Frozen Custard I've had in the Midwest. Better than Tastee Freeze but not Ted Drewes. It is cheap though. When the Signature Kitchen opened up, the food was pretty good. Last time I went a couple of months ago, it was OK. But South Coast Plaza has a lack of good places to eat, so it is a pretty good choice.

      I will say that the service is fantastic. Everybody comes by and makes sure everything is good and they have good specials. Cat Cora BBQ was actually pretty good when they first opened (last time the meat was really overcooked). Really great beans and Blue Corn Jalepeno Madelines stood out. La Brea Bakery is as good as it usually is and the Burgers are decent.

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      1. re: bsquared2

        Now that Kill Devil's in a distant memory, are there any other places in OC besides Marc Burger that serves frozen custard? If any others are deserving of a poem, I'll do them too! HAH!

        1. re: elmomonster

          Frozen Custard is hard to find. There was a place in Orange many years ago that was pretty good. Of course, once I had Frozen Custard in St. Louis and Minneapolis, I was spoiled forever.

          Most of the places I"ve been to in LA aren't very good. They promise the world, but rarely deliver the goods.

          Keep the poetry going. While I don't know if the Frozen Custard was deserving, I appreciate the passion.

          "Perky tomatoes"? Sounds good.

          1. re: elmomonster

            Stricklands in Irvine sells frozen custard. It's an outpost of an Akron-based chain. Unfortunately I don't think they are nearly as poem-worthy as Sheridan's ( - midwestern chain). Stricklands custard seems to be more of a cross between frozen custard and soft serve. They appear to be using proper Stoelting Ross frozen custard machines, so I'm not sure what accounts for the difference.

            4523 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA

            1. re: Peripatetic

              I was told that Strickland's isn't exactly frozen custard. They use the machines but it doesn't have the egg component. Is that true?

              1. re: bsquared2

                I checked, and their nutrition info reveals there are no eggs in their recipe:


                Morover, it contains HFCS and Carraeenan . . . eew.

                Well, that would account for the difference. :(

        2. I need to try that custard..i loved the Marc Burger...the Cat Cora offerings, not so much.

          1. The original comment has been removed